Monday, 7 January 2013

Lina : LFM Charity Bazaar 2012

Bazaars. Charity work. Combine the two? You get a happy girl: moi. This is my second time participating in this bazaar organized by Lung Foundation of Malaysia (LFM). My best friend, Ad, her dad is the chairman of this foundation, and the girls and I volunteer to help out in this fun charity activity!

LFM Charity Bazaar is organized every two years, and 2012 is the second one. This year's bazaar is attended by Chef Ismail who shows a cooking demonstration and sells his delicious treats as well. Not forgetting Malaysia's legendary diva Sharifah Aini, who comes to visit to show her support. Pak Lah and wife are supposed to come, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they can't make it.

We decide to sell pre-loved clothes and books, brand new Punjabi suits directly imported from Bangladesh, and delicious mouth-watering cupcakes, whoopie pies, wraps, and cold drinks to complete the lot. We book two booths, one for the food, and one for the clothes.

Me and Haneesa take care of the clothes booth. Look at the fashion board, 'Wear It Like A Celeb' made by Haneesa! The pictures show the similar items we sell at our booth. Even if it's pre-loved, you can still wear 'em like a celeb!

 Now here comes the neighbour!

Aiysha, one of the best bakers I know, sells her famous cupcakes of Honey Vanilla flavour! I think I buy quite a number of em. It's too delicious, I can't resist. Oh and it is sold out too!! Good job Aiysha!

Farhana sells her signature mixed soda drinks, the Italian Soda! The perfect drinks to quench your thirst in this humid country. The whoopie pies are Aiysha's too; banana flavour. My favourite!

WRAPS!!! Munch on this the whole day at the bazaar. There are creamy mushroom and chicken ball!

Getting pretty busy there!

Tanvir & Ad who sell the yummy wraps, Farhana & Farhan (the newlyweds) sell the Italian Soda.

Eventhough it is raining the whole day, that doesn't stop visitors from coming and enjoying themselves at the bazaar. I feel that previous bazaar was more happening because it didn't rain. But that's alright, definitely looking forward to 2014!

25% of sales are given to the foundation.

If you're planning to open a booth at any bazaar, here's some tips to keep in mind :
  • Bring plastic table covers to cover your food and banners just in case it rains.
  • Bring trolleys to transfer your goods from your car to the booth. That backache can be avoided ;)
  • Always have pen and papers with you to jot down your sales.
  • Bring foldable chairs if you have and if you feel that it's not enough for your party in the booth.
  • Put everything in boxes or a huge plastic bag (like those IKEA blue ones) so you don't have to put them in many small bags. This is easier for you to put on the trolley.
  • Wear light clothing if it's a hot day. 
  • Bring umbrellas just in case it rains.
  • Don't forget mosquitoe repellant if your bazaar is surrounded by nature.

Yeap, lessons learnt ;)

Please share your tips here on running a booth, so we can learn from each other.

For more information about Lung Foundation of Malaysia and how you can help, please visit their official page HERE.


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