Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haneesa: Scrumptious Lip Scrub

“There are three things a girl needs for her lips: lip balm, lip scrub and lip mask”

These were the words of Daniel, a superb promoter at Sephora, whom I and my friend Lina made friends with a few months ago. When we first heard it from him we were the two most surprised girls in that newly opened make up heaven. Honestly speaking, I only cover one out of three of those routines, and even then I only do it once in a while!

So I decided to help my newbie self and complete this routine. I think what Daniel said was important, especially because I have extra dry lips. I looked for online tutorials and found a lip mask tutorial here, but I found out that to scrub you to actually buy the product itself. Since a scrub is either hard to find or overpriced, I decided to try a DIY lip scrub. Guess what?

It works like magic!

All you do is glide the scrub over your upper and lower lips for one minute each, wipe off with a wet towel (remember not to eat the scrub ok!) and you will be left with lips like pillows… You can do this everyday if you think your lips are really dry, but from my own experience, once a week is enough. Remember that this is coming from someone who has dry lips and is fasting, so my lips are doing pretty good even with just a weekly routine.

So enough with the chit chat; here’s how you make your very own Scrumptious Lip Scrub…

1) Collect all items you need for the lip scrub. They are:
Small container
Petroleum jelly
Brown sugar
Olive oil
Lip balm

2) Clean your container. This should be small sized, about the size of a Tiger balm container or round lip balm container.

3) Measure the brown sugar by filling your empty container halfway. After this step, you can either continue in your container, or in a small bowl for more convenience.

4) Take a teaspoon of olive oil and mix it into your brown sugar. If possible use extra virgin olive oil; it has the best effect on your lips.

5) Take your lip balm and add in a small amount to your mixture. Take note that this step is optional. Lip balm is added so that your lips will have a hint of color after you use the lip scrub J

If you are using a lip balm in a tube, use a knife to cut off about 5mm of the balm. As for a lip balm in a container, scoop out about the same amount using a teaspoon.

6) Take a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and add it to your mixture.

7) Mix all ingredients gently with your teaspoon. Make sure you don’t crush the sugar too much!

8) The ingredients of your lip scrub should be well balanced by now. However, just remember to keep your mixture 2 parts sugar to 1 part petroleum jelly. Add the sugar bit by bit if you think your mixture has too much jelly.

9) Scoop all of your mixture into your container. Smoothen it out using the back of your teaspoon.

10) Leave it in the fridge overnight, and voila! You have your very own lip scrub. I must warn you that the smell is extremely tempting, so remember that it is not edible and must not be eaten at all.

Enjoy your Scrumptious Lip Scrub girls!

I combined a lip scrub recipes from a few YouTube users:
makeupmyworldx and xxnaivivxx

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Makeup Addict is HERE!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for my late arrival. I was busy with work when the girls started this blog. Sorry about that :) But here I am, and I am ready to roll my tricks and tips with all of you makeup and beauty freaks out there.
The name is Lina. Im a PR major. Graduating soon and my dream is to be a professional makeup artist/own a spa/ anything related to beauty and fashion. 
My love for cosmetics started about end of last year, so bear in mind that Im still new in the cosmetics world. Thank you to my Youtube gurus, friends and family who have helped me all the way in sharing their tips with me! 
As for my part in this blog, I will post mainly on makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, and beauty tips! I don't have an awesome video camera, so if my tutorial videos are not of good quality, I apologize in advance. Just so you know, when I apply makeup, I don't follow specific rules on this and that. You'll get me when I start posting videos later :)

Thank you for visiting our blog! Lets get into this beauty adventure together, and learn from each other. Im open to all suggestions and comments!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Emma: Dance the Raya Flab off!

Here's a fun way to sweat out the many days of Raya gorging! Have fun!

Hello gorgeous ladies! Time for an update on my segment! I’ve exhausted my search through the infamous YouTube and came across this routine. Fun fact #1 about me is I’m a HUGE fan of Ms Britney Spears. One of the reasons for this is that she’s a great performer and she always gets to perform some of the best dance routines from well-known choreographers like Wade Robson. JEALOUS much! Anyway, this dance routine is a simplified version of the actual dance routine of the pop princess’s top song ‘(I’m A) Slave for You”. If you all remember the awesomely choreographed dance video, you might also recall some of the parts of the video performed similar to the original one.


One of the reasons why I chose to write about this video as my first post is the simplicity of the supposedly intricate original choreography. I don’t know who these people are, but kudos to them for this video! Truth be told, I actually managed to perform this piece as exact as how they did (yeay me!). So, why don’t you give it a shot! It’s very short and simple! Grab you sister or bff to learn it with you and perform together! It’ll be fun! And of course, it is indeed an alternative to staying fit. Once you’ve managed to learn the entire routine, try performing it 4 rounds before taking a short break (2 minutes) and do another set of 4 rounds. It can also help increase your stamina and flexibility. But word of CAUTION: please stretch your body muscles before performing J
This video also highlights the phrase “everybody can dance”. To perform this routine, you don’t necessary have to be trained in ballet, gymnastics, or hip hop, or any other classes. Better yet, you don’t need any training of any sorts to perform this dance. I remember the many moments I had in which I almost gave up dancing or performing for the fun of it. I was so sad with myself not having any professional training ever that it made me feel very inferior towards those people who did. But then again, looking back, I remember pulling off some of the craziest dance moves that I thought I could never do! As time went by, I took on the rather positive perspective: Don’t bother about what other people say or think about you. You’re unique in your own way.
Below is the video of Ms Spears herself performing (I’m A) Slave for You. This is one of the Best (capital B, mind you) performances to this song she ever performed. The choreography in this video has a slightly faster pace. But, fret not! When the whole routine becomes automatic to you, add your own spice, flavour, and style to it. Then, you too can gradually increase the pace to match hers.

Key to performing any Britney routine: Hair, Hips, and Lips J

Aiysha: Cornflake cookies! remember Raya is for a month ;)

Hi! I finally found the time to start on my first actual blog entry! This is suitable for those of you who are not used to baking yet. It’s uncomplicated and tasty too! I dunno why I never tried to do it sooner. In the spirit of Hari Raya, I asked my grandmother to teach me how to make her cornflakes treat. I’m not sure what the actual name is but I always referred to it as ‘kuih cornflake’. It’s all crispy and golden-y and definitely buttery.  So for those of you who are a bit health conscious, this treat is definitely NOT for you! It might offend you with the amount of butter it contains.

Things I needed for this recipe is:

A box of cornflakes (a big one if you’re greedy like me)

A block of butter

Icing sugar


Paper cups to put it in

Pot or pan

The first thing that needed to be done was to melt the butter over a stove.

When it was all fully melted, I added some icing sugar and honey. It’s up to you how much you wanna put it. My mom likes to complain that there’s too much sugar in WHATEVER I bake so I’ve already trained myself to reduce it whenever I can L.

Although I guess I could drizzle some honey a little bit later… hmm…

Anyway! What you should wait for is to let all the sugar and honey dissolve and you’ll get this liquid-y buttery, yumminess! I had to stir it constantly to check. Don’t worry if it’s a bit watery. It will harden when it cools down.

Later, just add in the amount of cornflakes you want (I practically used up the whole box. Hehe!) Make sure it coats the flakes. Leave none behind! The stove was turned off the minute the flakes turned all golden-y and shiny. Don’t wanna burn them before placing it in the oven right?

After that, I used a spoon to scoop it up and place it in the paper cups I mentioned earlier. It resembled an itty-bitty mountain when I was done J.

The oven was set to a temperature of 200-250ish Celsius and was baked for around 5 minutes or more. It had to be crispy in the end. The amount I made filled up an entire big container! So you’d have to make adjustments if wanna try and make less (but I dunno why you would make it any less because you’re gonna devour it before the week is over!)

Finally, I’d recommend that you go to your special place where you can sit there and eat your treats for hours. Mine is in front of the T.V.

See! Told you it was easy! Now, I’ll see you next time for my next entry. The next treat I’ll be making are chocolate fridge bars where you don’t even need an oven! Happy Trying and Selamat Hari Raya!
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