Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Makeup Addict is HERE!

Hi Everyone!
Sorry for my late arrival. I was busy with work when the girls started this blog. Sorry about that :) But here I am, and I am ready to roll my tricks and tips with all of you makeup and beauty freaks out there.
The name is Lina. Im a PR major. Graduating soon and my dream is to be a professional makeup artist/own a spa/ anything related to beauty and fashion. 
My love for cosmetics started about end of last year, so bear in mind that Im still new in the cosmetics world. Thank you to my Youtube gurus, friends and family who have helped me all the way in sharing their tips with me! 
As for my part in this blog, I will post mainly on makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, and beauty tips! I don't have an awesome video camera, so if my tutorial videos are not of good quality, I apologize in advance. Just so you know, when I apply makeup, I don't follow specific rules on this and that. You'll get me when I start posting videos later :)

Thank you for visiting our blog! Lets get into this beauty adventure together, and learn from each other. Im open to all suggestions and comments!



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  2. ada pun lina! i was wondering when u were going to post!


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