Saturday, 3 August 2013

Garden Wedding: tips and inspiration! by Far

Garden weddings are all the rage in Malaysia this year, but is it perfect for you? When my brother had a garden wedding, I knew it wasn't for me but it sure makes a pretty wedding! Read on to find out all the nitty gritty on 2013's biggest theme wedding.

What to keep in mind when choosing your perfect garden wedding venue:

- is there anything ugly or unpleasant within view of the garden?
- how warm will it be? What can u do to make it cooler.
- Bugs! Is the garden well kept? N how can u make your guests more comfortable- perhaps insect repellent in cute bottles could be provided as a entrance gift.
- are the other facilities nearby? Toilets, prayer rooms, parking.
- is there sufficient parking for your guests?
-is the venue's sound system suitable? Because of its open space, the quality of the sound and it's volume may be affected.
- privacy! Is it too open? Or "terdedah" to the public? Or is it nice and slightly secluded for the enjoyment  you and your guests.
- how and what can the venue and the organisers do for you if it rains?
- can it accommodate the number of my guests? Is it more suitable for sit down weddings or "running" weddings.

There is so much potential in a garden wedding! You can make it big and glamorous or small and intimate with a trendy theme like rustic chic or fairy tale.

Pros of a garden wedding

Because chances are your venue is already beautiful, you can even save some cost in decor.

You have a clean and somewhat neutral setting to play with. If indoor venue, the present decor of the venue might disrupt your theme and colour choice.  Covering the surrounding walls with fabric or changing the colour of the carpet is possible but expensive.

If your wedding is at night, fairy lights are a great and cheaper way make your wedding beautiful. Here are some pics to inspire u! Candles and lanterns are also good options-

Garden Wedding Cons

It will get hot! Keep in mind the comfort of your guests and especially YOU! The last thing you want is make up running all over your face on your big day. You want to be happy not uncomfortable, so consider the cost of portable fans and air-conditioning. 

You and your guests can't wear heels! Or stilettos because your heel will sink in the ground, but there are pretty wedges and flats these days.

It might rain. Heavily.

However, most of the time the prettiness of the garden wedding  outweighs the risk! Fall in love with these images and let them inspire your dream wedding.

These images are not mine, for more pics and their sources check my pintrest board here.
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