Friday, 28 October 2011

Far: Hijab and graduation tips!

Salam all!

I just sort of came back from melbourne after my graduation and can't wait to share you hijabi girls some tips on how to make your day go smoothly!

First of all let me share some pics of my outfit and graduation!

And what i wore under the gown:

Tips for the hijabi graduate:

1) keep your hijab sleek n fuss free, I personally prefer lots of volume n drapes, however, because you will be wearing a long loose gown, n cameras will be shooting at you from every angle, you want to be able to catch that proud smile whenever possible! Heavy drapes will hide yr face n add bulk.

2) as hijabis we will be covered head to toe, so don't ever wear open toe shoes, you will look awkward on stage. Trust me.

3) most capes n gowns will need to be fastened to a button in front! So if u r not wearing a button down shirt or dress, please keep in mind to being extra pins. They will be very handy to pin yr sash n gown in place.

4) If you are wearing a dress or skirt. Pls make sure the length is perfect, n not trailing the floor. you don't want to be stuck with something else to worry about while on stage.

This is what happened to me, and I had to result to a last minute do:

ps: My sister had pin the sides of my dress, creating a ruched effect. You can opt to do this, however you will still be worried about your whole dress unravelling on stage!

5) smile smile smile! This is your moment, you have slaved over books, hours in the library, and have written the best papers in your life (so far!) be grateful to God for this opportunity and how much you have gone through. Be proud of your self n your achievements. You deserve it:)


  1. Just wanna add another graduation tip ;)
    For presents, pick practical stuff that are leather bound like leather bound organizers, pens or even flasks.. It never fails! Especially now since leather comes in -all- colors, you can finally give a formal looking gift that also fits the personality of that special graduate :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely post, i am graduating soon, and wonder what should i wear during graduation. So, are you wearing maysaa snood and scarf?

    1. Oh dear, I can see that my reply is super late, however, for those who are interested yes I am wearing the mysaa snood and scarf! It's so easy and fuss n muss free:)


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