Monday, 24 October 2011

Emma: Girls, we are beautiful.

Hello lovely ladies! My segment today does not include any dance moves or work out routines, rather my effort in trying to reach out to all the sisters out there who might have lost hope on life (ie you feel like you’re not beautiful, you just flunked an exam, you just had a major break-up with your bf/partner, you had a big argument with your parents/siblings/best friends, etc) in whatever issues you’re dealing with.
I was inspired to write this piece of note due to the recent events through which I heard of girls inflicting pain on themselves as a form of punishment for something that did not work out according to what they desired. Pen knives happen to be a very famous tool for them to start hurting themselves. Teenagers and young adults are the groups with high tendencies of committing self-injurious behaviours. But that does not mean adults do not have any tendencies at all.
Females (especially Girls) tend to think that they are overweight when their body is in need of more nutrients to stay fit for them to perform daily activities. Females tend to think that it’s the end of the world when they have a minor fight or a major break up with their bf/partner. The question to ask in such cases is, “Like, Seriously?” Are we really that low? In the latter case, sure we might feel sad about it, but the despair should not be prolonged until you ‘lose your mind’. Inner peace, happiness, and sense of self can be found through finding our way to God and through our own efforts to be able to stand independently without depending on anyone Just to experience an inch of happiness.
As for the issues of our perceptions on body image, whatever your weight is, be healthy. Don’t starve yourself of food, that’ll just make your body worse! Eat! But eat healthily. Once in a while, indulge in a cup of ice-cream, or a bag of chocolates, or cookies. There’s no harm in doing so! Just make sure that you eat healthy food. If you need guidance in nutrition intake, Google has a lot of answers (guaranteed!). Grab a magazine or a book on healthy diets to gain your knowledge on food consumption. You need your body, and your body needs You. Don’t forget: no matter how you look like, you’re Beautiful in God’s eyes. Talk to your family members or friends (girlfriends, especially) and both sides can share information on living a healthy lifestyle. Once in a week, grab a friend or a group of them and go for a brisk walk/jog at the park or exercise together. Going to the gym and paying the monthly bills is not the Only option we have. Save some $$ while simultaneously give your body the ‘rewards’ it deserves.
Remember, there are more to life than meets the eye. You are beautiful the way you were created. Just remember to always try to live a healthy life. Oh, you know those cigarettes, alcohol drinks, and drugs? Stay away from them! They don’t do you any good. Those things that people say about them providing the route to release stress, guess what? That’s not the case! The only thing they provide is temporary relief while at the same time punishing your body with harmful contents. Cigarettes give diseases; alcohol increases the chances for memory loss and possible rape cases, and drugs might just end life in the most unpleasant way. So before you ‘befriend’ any of them, tell yourself, “I know better. I am better than this.”
No matter what happens, keep your faith and remain strong. Talk to your family or friends or even lecturers who are willing to listen to you. You are beautiful. Don’t let insignificant life issues take you away from achieving your other goals.
Before i end my segment, here's a good article I'd like to share with all you gorgeous ladies!

what's it about? well, let's just say that according to a study conducted by a famous psychologist here in Malaysia, 1 in 10 young girls are prone to eating disorders.

 I, for one, am here to listen to you should any of you need to share some of your stories with me. i won't be judgmental, no worries about that :)

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