Thursday, 20 October 2011

Emma: Dear fats, go away!

Hello my awesome darlings! it's time for an update on my segment :)

as for today, my post won't be about any dance routines, but it'll be on simple body work out. of course my excellent video source, YouTube, managed to help me find simple videos for my segment. these videos are about 2 very very easy work out moves that can help us (girls *wink*) to lose some fats and build up on muscles.

as females, most of us tend to focus on shaping our lower body parts. so i figured, i can help look through YouTube for work out videos to share with all of you.

here's the first video :

This video provides a good demonstration on how to strengthen those butt muscles :))  one point to remember: the moves shouldn't be done with any weights as they are meant to be performed at a quick pace. so why don't you grab a chair (or you can use the edge of your bed) and try out! believe me, it's fun! the instructor even explained about how to accurately perform the moves so you don't do anything wrong that might cause minor injuries. have fun trying out!

and here's the second video:

you're happy with the way you look but figured you can tone up the muscles around your thighs? here's how you can do it! in this video, the instructor demonstrated how to work out strengthening your muscles through an exercise called side squats, which includes knee lifts. this particular set involves quite intricate body coordination, so be careful (especially when you twist your foot, one side at a time). with this light exercise, you can work on your inner & outer thighs, quadriceps, and glutes :)

have fun trying out these fantastic moves! and while you're at it, don't forget to always think positive and practice consistency. one set of each move a day (8 repetitions each should be fine). if you're not used to exercising, fret not, try not to push yourself too much. try doing 4 repetitions for each move first. then, when your body's used to it ( *ehem ehem* consistency!), then you can gradually increase the number of repetitions. remember: Beyonce's not the only female who can have such strong thighs! :))

p/s: i don't own any of these videos.

have fun trying!


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