Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Far: Flowey hijab style with faux earing

Hi Girls! I have been saving this hijab post for a long time! Im totally loving this style, however it does take more effort than usual to create, but totally worth it. I'm heading back to melbourne for two weeks, (Aussie aussie aussie! oi! oi! oi!) will post up some outfits from my trip when I come back! till then enjoy this hijab tutorial :)

So first step have a long and short side like so...

Bring the short piece to the other side and just leave it there for awhile, it helps if the piece is not too short.

Take the long side and take the middle and pin it as below..

You should now look something like this! If you like it as it is feel free to stop here and secure with pins! :)

Take the short side that you left on your shoulder before..

And just pin it on your opposite shoulder for chest coverage

Take a long hijab pin, pick ones that look like earrings, or any that you like!

and pin here! inside the fold of yr hijab.

And you are done! it should look something like this!

Hope you girls enjoyed this tutorial! see you soon!

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