Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lina: Maybelline's Lip Smooth Colour Bloom

Hi everyone!

A few days ago, I went to Caring Pharmacy without a to-buy list. I was there aimlessly, but of course I got stuck at the makeup stalls. I bumped into this!

Maybelline's Lip Smooth Colour Bloom!

I usually don't buy lip balms, I always get them for free from birthday presents or freebies from makeup counters, etc. But somehow, I wanted to try this!

This is not your usual lip balm. This is like a lip balm with a hint of lipstick! If  you don’t feel like wearing lipstick, but still want your lips to have a little bit of colour yet still natural-looking, then this lip balm is suitable for you. 

 When you apply it, wait for a few seconds and you can see the colour of your lips have changed. This lip balm creates its own colour that is the closest to your lip colour. 

How amazing is that? Don’t believe me? See this for yourself! And no I DID NOT APPLY ANY LIPSTICK ON if you think Im lying. I swear to God, I only applied this lip balm!



Amazing, right? It's perfect if you want to achieve a natural-looking makeup especially during the day! And it does make my lips BLOOM!

Bonus points for this lip balm as it contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, so you can have smooth, soft, healthy and naturally gorgeous pairs of muah muah! :)

Oh and it has another shade which is peach blossom. Mine is Pink Blossom. You'll have a more orangey lip colour if you take the peach one, but it will still change according to your body temperature. 

Price: RM 14.90

You can get it at any pharmacy.



Monday, 27 February 2012

Lina: The Love Nails, e@Curve

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was packed with pampering sessions and catching-up with my bestie, Leen. Leen has been so caught up with work so she needed the weekend to let herself out. Since im still on my holidays,bumming around, why not join her for the weekend! 

We were in dire need of some nail fixing. My nails looked horrible, so dry, and looked every unhealthy. I kid you not, all the manicure shops are FULL, well because it was the weekend. After going round and round from The Curve, to Ikano, to e@Curve, finally one was available. Actually we passed it at first because it was full before, but after lunch, we checked it out again and it was available! Yippeeee! 

The Love Nails is located next to the elevator going up to the cinema, next to Skin Food. I think that's the best I can give you for directions. Super easy! This was my second visit to The Love Nails and I must say, I really love their service. Friendly manicurists, affordable compared to others, and quality results!

We did spa manicure instead of just normal buffing and colouring, just to treat ourselves once in a while. I forgot what's mine called but it consist of scrub and mask, and Azleen's treatment was honey scrub!

The first step the manicurist did was to do all the basic nail fixing, cutting, shaping, etc. And then she applied mango and peach scrub onto my arms and massage! It felt so relaxing and the sweet scent was a bonus point! Next, she applied mint mask which was in blue and wrapped my arms. For once, I felt like I was a part of Avatar! haha

I love this mint mask! As the mask was doing its magic to my hands, the manicurist worked on my nails for buffing. Oh and the mask was coolinggg which made me feel so relaxed!! After 15 to 20 minutes, she unwrapped it and my arms was as soft as baby's bum, smells great of fuits and mint, and fresh! 

My nails are shiny! yay!
Leen picked a natural colour to adhere to her office policy. LOL!
The Love Nails main products are O.P.I as well as other brands too.
Total cost:

Mine: RM 72 (RM 60 for Spa Manicure, and RM12 for buffing)
Leen: RM 48 (Spa Manicure and colour)

e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure)
Lot 1-41, 1st Floor, Cineleisure Mutiara Damansara
No 2A, Jalan PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, PJU 7,
47810 Petaling Jaya
03 - 7710 4336 / 016 - 395 4336

Friday, 24 February 2012

Haneesa: Up-Cycled Stationery

Hi girls J

Firstly, let me apologize for being missing in action for so long. It was my bad L because I was caught up with boring stuff like assignments and projects. Though I also did take some time to think about my next posts, which I hope you will like
I won’t waste any more time on this post. So here goes…


Today I’m gonna give tips on fixing old stationeries. If you think you have a lot of unused or abandoned stationery (pens, erasers etc.) that you want to make use of again, here are some tips to fix them up as good as new J

To prepare for a project, look out for the bolded items. They will indicate what tools or materials you need before you start.

There’s also an extra tip* at the end which does not involve old stationery, so check that out too J


1.       Markers
(`ᴥ`) If you have markers that are dried up or have little ink left in them, spray some perfume or body spray on the tip of the marker to moisten the ink again. The alcohol in the spray will dilute the ink inside the marker, letting it flow naturally. If it doesn’t work immediately, give it shake or leave it for a while. Usually, though, it will flow the instant you spray on the tip.

Markers dry up fast...especially when you leave the caps off for too long.

(`ᴥ`) Remember that you can use other sprays, as long as they contain alcohol in them (in case you don’t feel like wasting expensive perfume :P). You can also try this tip for other markers, but from my experience this works best on permanent or whiteboard markers.

Perfume with alcohol content. Also look out for words ending with 'ols' or 'yls' like  'Eugonol' or "Benzyl-" because these are, in a way, types of alcohols too.

2.       Wooden Pencils
(`ᴥ`) If you, like me, have a fancy for wooden pencils then here's a tip for you. First, if you have plain pencils that need some sprucing up, get some ribbon and paint or spray. Wrap the ribbon around the pencil while leaving gap (about ½ cm to 2cm) between each consecutive wrap and tape the ends. Then, paint or spray over the gaps and let it dry for a few hours. Take off the ribbons and voila! You now have patterned pencils you can enjoy writing with J

Turn this.....
....or this....

.....into this! 

3.       Erasers
(`ᴥ`) Of course after using pencils, you must be in need of erasers. Here’s a tip to keep your erasers clean. Take some cello tape, and simply tape your eraser! Make sure you do this in a wrapping motion, so you sort of “bandage” your eraser, just like how a mummy is wrapped up. Also, use narrow tape (or you can split you tape into two) so that when you need to use your eraser, you just unwrap it bit by bit J

(`ᴥ`) If your eraser is dirty in the first place, just get a plain piece of paper (it must be clean) and erase the dirty parts of the eraser. The black marks will come off quickly and leave the eraser clean.

Mummify your eraser!

4.       Stamps*
(`ᴥ`) This is actually just as an additional tutorial for the art lovers out there. If you are in the process of making cards, wrapping paper or pretty gift tags, here’s a decoration tip. If possible, use paper or card which has a brownish sort of color, as the final effect of this project is a vintage look. Then, take a piece of plain A4 plastic (the type used as a cover for photocopied stuff) and use a craft blade to cut out heart shapes in different sizes. Then, take a small piece of sponge and press it gently on a red or black ink pad.

A4 plastic pieces for book covers

Heart shaped templates

(`ᴥ`) Take the heart template you cut out and place it on your card or artwork. Then very lightly, dab the sponge onto the template. When you’re done dabbing the all the hearts, lift the plastic gently and you can see little heart shapes on your card. This technique leaves you with a very rustic or vintage look, which gives your artwork some character J 

This tip is especially good for detailed patterns, like florals or curls. It beats buying expensive stamps or cutting out shapes on the sponge itself (that can get tricky). You can also try different colored ink pads for different effects.

Your end product will look something like this, but without the detailing  

My experiment with a wavy template, plus blue and purple ink

So that’s all for today and I hope you enjoy the tips J Don’t forget to try them out and share you experience with us here. Leave a comment on your thoughts too! We really appreciate feedback from you girls.

Till next time, ciao.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Far: Hijab tutoriall!!! For Special events or Weddings.

Salam all!!! I've been reading a lot of tweets and blogs, seems like everyone has lots of weddings to attend to this year, I just came back from one myself with awesome writer Haneesa! So before I take anything off, I sneaked in a tutorial for you!

You will need
- M-L size SQUARE scarf.
- Lots of pins

WARNING: If you are like me and feel that the Hana Tajima look is best left to Hana Tajima as only she can pull it off, this may or may not be the look for you as it is Hana Tajima-ish without being totally her look. Enjoy!

Place one corner on head like so.. no need to fold the traditional triangle..

Take that edge of the scarf and pin on the other side as shown in picture.

It will look something like this, tada!

To make it more secure, tuck in some of the scarf and pin it down.

Now you will have a big piece with two corners on one side like so..

Bring the bottom corner up to the other side and pin securely 

And then you will have something like this left.. with one last corner dangling

Bring this corner and pin behind securely, adjust accordingly to how you might like it!

..and this is how it looks like!!

Pin the sides of the hijab to the sides of your head for security.

..and you are done! Phew..

If you are going for a fancier look, try this on for size!

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and let me know if I wasn't clear about some things. Stay tuned for a special back to school segment from me ok guys! Till then salams from all of us here!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ad: Cooking Tip #2

Hey all! I think it's about time for our second cooking tip! I discovered this accidentally but find this very useful. If you are cooking something, and you feel like it lacks flavour, add chicken stock! Or any other stock that you like, vegetable or fish stock are fine too :) I was cooking pasta one day and had some leftover chicken stock from the previous night's dinner. I didn't want it to go to waste, so I decided to add the stock into my cooking and voila! Everyone who tried my pasta that day LOVED it, and honestly the credit goes to the chicken stock. So keep this tip in mind, believe me it makes a remarkable difference!

'Til next time,
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