Saturday, 18 February 2012

Far: Hijab tutoriall!!! For Special events or Weddings.

Salam all!!! I've been reading a lot of tweets and blogs, seems like everyone has lots of weddings to attend to this year, I just came back from one myself with awesome writer Haneesa! So before I take anything off, I sneaked in a tutorial for you!

You will need
- M-L size SQUARE scarf.
- Lots of pins

WARNING: If you are like me and feel that the Hana Tajima look is best left to Hana Tajima as only she can pull it off, this may or may not be the look for you as it is Hana Tajima-ish without being totally her look. Enjoy!

Place one corner on head like so.. no need to fold the traditional triangle..

Take that edge of the scarf and pin on the other side as shown in picture.

It will look something like this, tada!

To make it more secure, tuck in some of the scarf and pin it down.

Now you will have a big piece with two corners on one side like so..

Bring the bottom corner up to the other side and pin securely 

And then you will have something like this left.. with one last corner dangling

Bring this corner and pin behind securely, adjust accordingly to how you might like it!

..and this is how it looks like!!

Pin the sides of the hijab to the sides of your head for security.

..and you are done! Phew..

If you are going for a fancier look, try this on for size!

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and let me know if I wasn't clear about some things. Stay tuned for a special back to school segment from me ok guys! Till then salams from all of us here!

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