Monday, 31 October 2011

Aiysha: upcoming post!

Hi all! Stay tuned and keep checking for a very special post by moi :)
Here's a clue: roses!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Far: Hijab and graduation tips!

Salam all!

I just sort of came back from melbourne after my graduation and can't wait to share you hijabi girls some tips on how to make your day go smoothly!

First of all let me share some pics of my outfit and graduation!

And what i wore under the gown:

Tips for the hijabi graduate:

1) keep your hijab sleek n fuss free, I personally prefer lots of volume n drapes, however, because you will be wearing a long loose gown, n cameras will be shooting at you from every angle, you want to be able to catch that proud smile whenever possible! Heavy drapes will hide yr face n add bulk.

2) as hijabis we will be covered head to toe, so don't ever wear open toe shoes, you will look awkward on stage. Trust me.

3) most capes n gowns will need to be fastened to a button in front! So if u r not wearing a button down shirt or dress, please keep in mind to being extra pins. They will be very handy to pin yr sash n gown in place.

4) If you are wearing a dress or skirt. Pls make sure the length is perfect, n not trailing the floor. you don't want to be stuck with something else to worry about while on stage.

This is what happened to me, and I had to result to a last minute do:

ps: My sister had pin the sides of my dress, creating a ruched effect. You can opt to do this, however you will still be worried about your whole dress unravelling on stage!

5) smile smile smile! This is your moment, you have slaved over books, hours in the library, and have written the best papers in your life (so far!) be grateful to God for this opportunity and how much you have gone through. Be proud of your self n your achievements. You deserve it:)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Lina: Hi! Teaser. :)

Hello dolls! This (points to myself) wannabe makeup guru apologizes for her absence. I have not done a tutorial video yet because well, Im still thinking of ways to make good use of this awful and ancient camera I have. Im still learning how to edit videos. But fret not, I will upload a tutorial video SOON! hehe. But here's a teaser for you :) I just tried putting this on like few minutes ago. Let me know what you think and I will try to upload a tutorial on this soon! It's actually a mixture of A LOT of colours (mind you, I don't follow rules when it comes to eye makeup. I like to hentam everything and TADAAAA!). I don't know what this is called. Maybe dark bronze and cocoa smokey eye? It's suitable for a night occassion, clubbing, parties, etc. :)


Haneesa: Tell me what YOU want :)

Hey gals. Please answer the poll below for the subject of my next DIY post :) Choose one answer from the drop down list; there are 4 to choose from so go nuts! Hehe~


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Monday, 24 October 2011

Emma: Girls, we are beautiful.

Hello lovely ladies! My segment today does not include any dance moves or work out routines, rather my effort in trying to reach out to all the sisters out there who might have lost hope on life (ie you feel like you’re not beautiful, you just flunked an exam, you just had a major break-up with your bf/partner, you had a big argument with your parents/siblings/best friends, etc) in whatever issues you’re dealing with.
I was inspired to write this piece of note due to the recent events through which I heard of girls inflicting pain on themselves as a form of punishment for something that did not work out according to what they desired. Pen knives happen to be a very famous tool for them to start hurting themselves. Teenagers and young adults are the groups with high tendencies of committing self-injurious behaviours. But that does not mean adults do not have any tendencies at all.
Females (especially Girls) tend to think that they are overweight when their body is in need of more nutrients to stay fit for them to perform daily activities. Females tend to think that it’s the end of the world when they have a minor fight or a major break up with their bf/partner. The question to ask in such cases is, “Like, Seriously?” Are we really that low? In the latter case, sure we might feel sad about it, but the despair should not be prolonged until you ‘lose your mind’. Inner peace, happiness, and sense of self can be found through finding our way to God and through our own efforts to be able to stand independently without depending on anyone Just to experience an inch of happiness.
As for the issues of our perceptions on body image, whatever your weight is, be healthy. Don’t starve yourself of food, that’ll just make your body worse! Eat! But eat healthily. Once in a while, indulge in a cup of ice-cream, or a bag of chocolates, or cookies. There’s no harm in doing so! Just make sure that you eat healthy food. If you need guidance in nutrition intake, Google has a lot of answers (guaranteed!). Grab a magazine or a book on healthy diets to gain your knowledge on food consumption. You need your body, and your body needs You. Don’t forget: no matter how you look like, you’re Beautiful in God’s eyes. Talk to your family members or friends (girlfriends, especially) and both sides can share information on living a healthy lifestyle. Once in a week, grab a friend or a group of them and go for a brisk walk/jog at the park or exercise together. Going to the gym and paying the monthly bills is not the Only option we have. Save some $$ while simultaneously give your body the ‘rewards’ it deserves.
Remember, there are more to life than meets the eye. You are beautiful the way you were created. Just remember to always try to live a healthy life. Oh, you know those cigarettes, alcohol drinks, and drugs? Stay away from them! They don’t do you any good. Those things that people say about them providing the route to release stress, guess what? That’s not the case! The only thing they provide is temporary relief while at the same time punishing your body with harmful contents. Cigarettes give diseases; alcohol increases the chances for memory loss and possible rape cases, and drugs might just end life in the most unpleasant way. So before you ‘befriend’ any of them, tell yourself, “I know better. I am better than this.”
No matter what happens, keep your faith and remain strong. Talk to your family or friends or even lecturers who are willing to listen to you. You are beautiful. Don’t let insignificant life issues take you away from achieving your other goals.
Before i end my segment, here's a good article I'd like to share with all you gorgeous ladies!

what's it about? well, let's just say that according to a study conducted by a famous psychologist here in Malaysia, 1 in 10 young girls are prone to eating disorders.

 I, for one, am here to listen to you should any of you need to share some of your stories with me. i won't be judgmental, no worries about that :)

til next time,

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Emma: Dear fats, go away!

Hello my awesome darlings! it's time for an update on my segment :)

as for today, my post won't be about any dance routines, but it'll be on simple body work out. of course my excellent video source, YouTube, managed to help me find simple videos for my segment. these videos are about 2 very very easy work out moves that can help us (girls *wink*) to lose some fats and build up on muscles.

as females, most of us tend to focus on shaping our lower body parts. so i figured, i can help look through YouTube for work out videos to share with all of you.

here's the first video :

This video provides a good demonstration on how to strengthen those butt muscles :))  one point to remember: the moves shouldn't be done with any weights as they are meant to be performed at a quick pace. so why don't you grab a chair (or you can use the edge of your bed) and try out! believe me, it's fun! the instructor even explained about how to accurately perform the moves so you don't do anything wrong that might cause minor injuries. have fun trying out!

and here's the second video:

you're happy with the way you look but figured you can tone up the muscles around your thighs? here's how you can do it! in this video, the instructor demonstrated how to work out strengthening your muscles through an exercise called side squats, which includes knee lifts. this particular set involves quite intricate body coordination, so be careful (especially when you twist your foot, one side at a time). with this light exercise, you can work on your inner & outer thighs, quadriceps, and glutes :)

have fun trying out these fantastic moves! and while you're at it, don't forget to always think positive and practice consistency. one set of each move a day (8 repetitions each should be fine). if you're not used to exercising, fret not, try not to push yourself too much. try doing 4 repetitions for each move first. then, when your body's used to it ( *ehem ehem* consistency!), then you can gradually increase the number of repetitions. remember: Beyonce's not the only female who can have such strong thighs! :))

p/s: i don't own any of these videos.

have fun trying!


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Emma: A simple work out for the stubborn ones :)

hey chicas! anxious to know a set of simple body work-out? stay tuned.
it's coming soon.


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Far: Flowey hijab style with faux earing

Hi Girls! I have been saving this hijab post for a long time! Im totally loving this style, however it does take more effort than usual to create, but totally worth it. I'm heading back to melbourne for two weeks, (Aussie aussie aussie! oi! oi! oi!) will post up some outfits from my trip when I come back! till then enjoy this hijab tutorial :)

So first step have a long and short side like so...

Bring the short piece to the other side and just leave it there for awhile, it helps if the piece is not too short.

Take the long side and take the middle and pin it as below..

You should now look something like this! If you like it as it is feel free to stop here and secure with pins! :)

Take the short side that you left on your shoulder before..

And just pin it on your opposite shoulder for chest coverage

Take a long hijab pin, pick ones that look like earrings, or any that you like!

and pin here! inside the fold of yr hijab.

And you are done! it should look something like this!

Hope you girls enjoyed this tutorial! see you soon!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Ad: Food Review: Meatworks at Solaris Mont Kiara

Hey everyone :) I got bored so I thought why not write a blog entry? Today's entry isn't going to be very long (I think). I'm doing a review of Meatworks, a western restaurant that goes by the motto "For all your meaty cravings. And more". This restaurant is located at Solaris Mont Kiara. Basically if you love a good steak, this is the place to be. I've been there a few times now, so yes I would say it's pretty darn good. Now, where should I start? Ok, let's go for the decor. Love the look of the place; most of the furniture is white and made of wood. Everything looks simple, but neat and well-organised. It reminds you of home in a way. 

One thing that they can improve on is the air conditioning. In certain parts of the restaurant, you can't feel it at all but in other parts it's just freezing cold. It's something they should work on, but it doesn't bother me too much...unless I'm on a date haha. I don't think I'd appreciate sweat forming on my forehead, nor would my date :P  Anyway, on to the menu! They have quite an extensive menu. From steaks (sirloin, ribeye, t-bone, etc) to burgers & sandwiches, to fish, chicken, lamb and even pasta. They have a selection of appertisers and desserts too, but we normally skip the appertisers so I can't really comment on them. The only starter we occasionally have is soup! We've tried their mushroom soup and oxtail soup. Both were mmm-mmm good. Not the best that I've had, but still really yummy. If I'm not mistaken, the soup portion is quite generous. When I go there with my family, two of us usually share one bowl :) Soups there cost between RM15-RM19. A little pricey, but I suppose most restaurants of the same standard charge similar prices.

Ok so on this particular day that I went to Meatworks, I had the drool-worthy medium-well sirloin steak (RM50). Let me tell you, it was heavenly. I loved it. It was so juicy and tender, and it was cooked to perfection. The thing that I love most about their sirloin is that the cut of meat is served together with a little fat. I know it sounds super unhealthy but seriously, you MUST eat the fat. I don't know how they did it, I usually don't really like the fat the comes with the steak but I LOVE the fat that comes with the sirloin here. They put some sort of brown sauce on top of the steak. Some people may not like that, but I just loved everything about the dish. If you like your steak without any sauce on it, just tell the waiter when you order. The people working there are super friendly and provide excellent service :) The steak comes with a side of mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. Both were good too. Seriously, I have absolutely no complaints about this dish. One thing to note though, you must order your steak the way you like it. If it's too rare for you, just send it back so that the chefs can cook it a little longer. You will not enjoy your steak unless it is cooked the way you like it :)

My sister ordered the mushroom melt burger (RM32). It looked so delicious, and it certainly tasted amazing too. The burger came with a side of fries. I know from the photo it looks like they're rather stingy on the fries, but honestly, after eating the burger I don't think you'd have much room left for the fries. I liked it, it was meaty and cheesy and mushroomy...mmm :D I would totally order it next time!

Does anyone like ribs? I know I do, but I can't be bothered to order it most of the time because it's just so messy hahah. I would love to order it for take-away and bring it home. Much more enjoyable. However, my mom decided to order some BBQ Spare ribs anyway. You can order 3 (RM50) or 5 (RM70) ribs :) My mom had 3 because she was trying to "watch her weight". hahah kidding kidding, she wasn't sure if she could finish 5, so she went for 3. She enjoyed it very much, I could see it clearly. She offered some to me and I happily accepted. Like the other dishes, their ribs were to-die-for. Very juicy and tender! 

I can't remember what my brother and dad had, but I think they also had the sirloin. Ok, so on to the desserts. They have a wide array of desserts to choose from, as you can see from the photos below.

We decided to have the tiramisu (RM13), creme brulee (RM15) and cookie monster (RM18). The tiramisu and creme brulee were pretty good. They were nice, but not as mouth-watering as the main meals. I was disappointed in the cookie moster though. It was basically just normal ice cream (though different flavours) with crushed oreo cookies on top. However, I had their apple pie before and it was really REALLY nice. One of the BEST apple pies I had ever had! 

So all in all, Meatworks is a lovely joint for people of all ages. There's great food (and quite reasonably priced for their portions!) and great service. Good atmosphere too. This is my favourite place to have steak so go ahead, give it a try :)

Verdict: 4.5/5


Note: All the photos used in this post belong to me, Adlina Zainudin. Please ask for permission before using them, thanks! :)
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