Monday, 3 December 2012

Haneesa: Posh! Nail Spa Launching, SS2 Petaling Jaya

Have you ever met people who get excited over things more then they intend to? I am one of those people.

I have to admit, I like manicures and pedicures more than I actually have them. I've only experienced a pedicure once with my friend Lina, and the rest of my rare visits to the nail parlour are only for manicures. And that's only if my nails are in a state of emergency >.<

Yes, I get excited about nice girly things, and then the excitement dies down :< So to start practicing better nail care, I decided to follow Lina to the launching of Posh! Nail Spa in SS2, Petaling Jaya :)

The view inside Posh! Nail Spa in SS2

For the spa-goers out there, you probably know Posh! opened first in Taman Tun. I've heard pretty good reviews, mainly because of their wonderful service. For someone who doesn't do their nails often, I have friends who are pretty particular about theirs. Some reliable comments were that 1.Posh manicurists take time with your nails to give you the best results and 2.they give you great tips on the color choice.

The happy and pretty staff of Posh!

The event started out at 11am and lasted till about 4pm. Of course, everyone lingered on even till after 4, since the atmosphere was more laxed as the event went on. I liked the layout of the event as it wasn't a really big do and cozy for a small crowd. However the music was a bit too loud for my liking, and seeing that it was a day event and indoors, I didn't get why they had to turn up music till you can't hear people's voices. I could see everyone trying to talk over the music, or else just awkwardly keeping silent.

Goofy staff!

Anyhoos, I came at 1pm and noticed a huge purple tent outside with only a few people sitting under. At first, I was thinking 'Um...ok..what is this ghost town Lina brought me to' but after walking in, I started feeling the vibes of the event. It was pretty nerving at first...I'm still not sure why, but I only started feeling comfy as I stayed on longer.

So relieved to find my darling Lina. xo

Oh! I met someone very interesting at the event; my ex-boss (sort of but not really lol), Larry. I think finding him there, plus Lina, made me feel a little cozier. It turned out that his lovely wife, Sereen, is the owner of Posh! I was so completely shocked at him for not telling me all this time! Imagine the discounts I could've gotten at Posh Taman Tun!! loll I'm kidding

Sweet baloons from PartyMooMoo

The decor of the event was themed pink and purple; there were baloons everywhere, congratulatory flowers and a simple food spread with tidbits like cupcakes, samosas and sandwiches. I think there was a semi charity event going on, as they were promoting OPI nail polishes for breast cancer awareness.

OPI's Pink of Hearts

I spent the first hour or so taking tons of photos of every angle of the spa imaginable. It was a pretty small place with a lot of people, so it was hard to manoeuvre around. Finally I got bored and took to the food table. The cupcakes were so tasty!

Yum de dums~


BPA-free water bottles on promo

This was when I met Larry, who thought I had forgotten him (same thoughts here!) cause I wasn't saying hi to him. Sorry Larry! I was happy you remembered me too! 

While we were talking and laughing, he told me something interesting: Posh! is actually in the process of making 'halal' nail polish, which Muslims can use, worry-free! The ingredients are henna-based, so they aren't water proof and perfectly usable for more conscious Muslims. Sounds great dunnit? In addition to that, they'll be coming in a whole range of colors too! Yayzers!

Larry, Sereen and their daughter. Aww...

Afterwards I realized I hadn't registered, so I got my gift bag that I love and got my free manicure~! We talked some more (Lina introduced me to her pretty friend Joanna, who I found to be just as nutty as we are lol), took part in some lucky draw & games, and basically just people-watched the whole time.

Manicure: ON

Lina, me and the gorgeous host, Belinda Chee. Photo credits to Lina

At about 3pm the hunger started kicking in for Lina and Joanna so we headed to a kopitiam nearby. I didn't tell them this but it looked obvious that they were starving... lol. I think the drinks were the best part, since it was so blazing hot that day.

My drink versus the girls' drinks. Muahaha!
The event was pretty mild and sort of new for me, but I'm glad Lina got me invited. They gave away some cool freebies in the goody bag, which I'm gonna use and maybe tell you guys about it some time ;)

Vouchers from my goody bag~


Check out Posh! Nail Spa down below :)

23, Jalan SS2/30, Petaling Jaya

Congrats again Posh Nail Spa on your launch!


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