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Far: Pregnant! what is painful and sucky but NORMAL


Sorry for the long absence! and I am also sorry to say that my hiatus isn't due to me being busy with assignments or maintaining an awesome household for my husband, but its because I'm preggers!
I really still can't believe I got pregnant so soon after my wedding (after one week!). I am now about to come into my second trimester! (time flies, seriously)

But unlike the glowing, radiant mum to be(s) you see on tv or in magazines (think beyonce and angelina jolie,,, grrr) I look and more importantly feel like a mess!!!! If any of you have watched "what to expect when you are expecting" im the blonde woman that has the worst of the worst. This post is a concise one to tell you readers that those sucky feelings are actually normal! scroll down to find out.

# you are constantly feeling nauseous, doesn't matter morning, noon or night! and even after the first trimester. 

My sister in law has told me that she was feeling bouts of nausea well through her pregnancy!

# you constantly have to pee, and even when YOU think yr done peeing, yr actually not.

hormones and things in there moving and pressing around will make you feel this way.

# your breasts hurt like never before.

your breasts will feel tender and sore and this is absolutely normal even though it feels like someone is sawing it in half. (i exaggerate not)

#your body is in constant pain

my shoulders, back, thighs and hips are always aching, i don't really understand why, but it is due to the extra weight you're carrying. Plus your body is always changing to accommodate the baby, it is even EXPANDING hence the soreness.

#you get major migraine and headaches

HORMONES. rest and drink up.

#falling asleep or extreme fatigue

I don't really have this anymore, but during my first few weeks i was terrible! I would be putting away groceries and suddenly felt like a huge weight was put on my entire body and I felt incredibly drowsy. Another sister in law tells me that taking naps during the day is essential because the body is building the placenta, then taking care of the baby and nourishing the baby. Think about it, how can you NOT be tired.

#you feel like punching your husband or anyone else around you

hormones again? most definitely. sometimes i feel so sensitive, other times i feel frustrated that he can eever understand the discomfort of it all. but i know he loves me and i love him:) but sometimes u just want to punch somebody.

#your heart races even though you are just lying down.

the body is pumping 50% more blood for you and the baby, its completely normal, just scary at times.

#you are hungry all the time.

you are suppose to eat but there are books that tell you to eat this or that and show you meal plans that look more like diets, then you have friends and families that keep telling you to eat more. It is confusing and frustrating, but eat what you want and eat mindfully and remember that you are doing this for the miracle growing inside you.

#you feel fat and ugly, and guilty about it at the same time.

Hopping from being at my ideal weight during my wedding to suddenly getting rounder has it's emotional effects. It just makes me want to wear baggy tshirts and hide. I havent felt that sense of "matsalleh" pride that makes me feel that I want to show off my baby bump. anything 'fitting' just makes me feel fatter.
I feel absolutely guilty about this and crazy at the same time, I am pregnant, and I am suppose to get rounder. but a pregnant woman's body changes dramatically every week, no one not even yourself should expect you to be totally comfortable with such a dramatic change. It is normal to freak out. Learn to love your new body that is supporting the baby inside.

#your mouth has a metalic or bitter taste.

this is also normal but i dont understand why exactly. must be those darn hormones.

Im stopping here because im feeling exhausted again. Hopefully my entry wont take as long!
take care!



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