Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The LFM Charity Bazaar Is This Sunday!

Hi all! This will be a short post! Just reminding all of you that the Lung Foundation of Malaysia charity bazaar is this Sunday, 4th November! How many of you are coming? Please please come and bring everyone along!

 By the way, here's some great news! Our former prime minister, Tun Abdullah Badawi, better known as Pak Lah, will be gracing the bazaar with his wife, Tun Jeanne! They supported the last charity bazaar too, and several other LFM activities! They will be there at around 10.30am, so come on over to get a chance to meet them!!

Besides that, celebrity chef, Chef Dato' Ismail Ahmad will also be there for a cooking demo and he will be selling some food with his aunt! The cooking demo is about healthy cooking so don't miss out! Oh and if you wanna catch a glimpse of what the bazaar may be like, check out Lina's blogpost about the bazaar in 2010 here! Tons of photos there!

Remember, we have a booth there and we'll be selling some stuff! Wraps, cupcakes, and of course Far's special home made drinks! I'm pretty sure you all know of Aiysha's baking prowess and Far's new spin on drinks that are delicious AND healthy! And if you follow our posts, I'm sure you know about my food experiments! The creamy chicken ball wrap is a result of one of my experiments - I hope everyone will like it as much as I do! The chicken wrap and the mushroom wrap (our vegetarian option!) are a courtesy of Tanvir's amazing culinary skills :) Speaking of Tanvir, check out our new clothing business Wearability! So c'mon support us, support the foundation!

If you're unfamiliar with Sungai Penchala/TTDI/Damansara area, try and find your way to Sungai Penchala (it's near the Sprint highway that's connected to Sri Hartamas, Mont Kiara, leads to the Curve, etc also known as the Penchala Link), and when you reach the traffic light near the mosque, turn right and go straight on (it's a long road, so keep going!). The bazaar will be on your right. Don't worry, you won't miss it! You'll see the gazebos and hear the music!

Also! LFM has recently set up a facebook page. Go there and 'like' their page to get updates on the foundation's activities, including this bazaar! To check out their facebook page, click here!

Hope to see you at the bazaar!! There'll be tons of food and other fun activities! Check out the facebook page for what you can expect at the bazaar!


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ad: Lung Foundation of Malaysia Charity Bazaar

Hey hey everyone :) On the 4th of November 2012 (Sunday), there will be a charity bazaar organised by the Lung Foundation of Malaysia. Please come and show your support! The bazaar will be from 8.30am to 5.00pm and there will be a lot of fun stuff lined up for each and every one of you! Come with your mom, dad, uncles, aunties, cousins, friends, teachers, colleagues - everyone!

As you can see from the poster above, a lot of fun stuff are going to be happening! Food, drinks, clothes, games - you name it! In fact, some of us at The Awesome Project are sharing a booth at the bazaar! Far will be selling her special home made drinks; Aiysha will be selling cupcakes and another type of dessert (it's a surprise!) and yours truly and Tanvir will be selling wraps! Lina and Haneesa will be there to help out, and may want to sell stuff too ;) Wearability will also be setting up a booth! Check it out, Wearability sells awesome tops and traditional clothes! We are all extremely excited for this bazaar! We're happy to support the Lung Foundation of Malaysia! Ok I know not many of you are familiar with the Lung Foundation of Malaysia (LFM), so let me just give you an overview of the foundation. 

LFM was established by a group of doctors and corporate citizens several years ago. LFM conducts fund raising activities at least once a year. The funds raised are used for several reasons, the main one being to help patients with lung diseases live healthier lives. Besides that, the funds are used:
- to promote public education of lung diseases
- to improve on the care given to patients with lung diseases by providing training for medical and paramedical personnel
- to promote research on lung diseases in this country

I have personally met some patients with chronic lung diseases during one of LFM's activities. The ones I met were children because LFM works closely with Kelab Asma Kanak-Kanak Selangor (Selangor Children's Asthma Club). Meeting them made me realise that I take so much for granted. The ability to breathe is in itself a privilege. These children have difficulty breathing; some of them have no choice but to go everywhere with a portable oxygen tank which is pretty much half their size. Most of them cannot get too excited or they will experience an asthma attack. Can you imagine having to contain your emotions all the time so that you can continue breathing easily? Can you imagine going everywhere - to eat, to school, to the bathroom, to the mall - with an oxygen tank? Can you even begin to imagine how much all the medical treatment costs? No? Neither can I. And that is exactly why we should help them; this is exactly why we should support the Lung Foundation of Malaysia. 

So please, if you are free, do come to the bazaar and support this cause. We breathe freely, and they should be able to, too. If you have any questions, feel free to call Ms. Ting or the LFM office, or you can just leave me comments and I'll try my best to answer your questions. If you wish to donate, you can call her too :) But I really hope you all can make it to the bazaar. Let's have fun while supporting a good cause, shall we? :)

See you there!

Ad: Sami Yusuf Album Launch in Malaysia

Hey everyone! it's been a while :) Got some big news though! There will be more than one post tonight, that's for sure.

Ok ok, first and foremost, as you can see from the title of this post, Sami Yusuf will be back to grace Malaysia again with his presence! I am extremely excited and simply cannot wait! He's coming back here to officially launch his fourth album entitled "Salaam"! I (and pretty much every other Sami Yusuf supporter) have been waiting patiently (or we try anyway) for the Salaam album to be released ever since our dear brother announced it last April. Now, alhamdulillah, in less than a month the album will be released, and of all the places he could've chosen to officially launch the album, he chose to do so in Malaysia. I can't say it enough how extremely happy and honoured I feel! :)

Isn't it just exciting news?! That's not even the best part! You wanna know the best part about the album launch? It is together with a meet and greet session! This means his supporters get to share this special moment with him, God bless him :) The photo above has all the details, and if you're free, why not join the album launch? We get to meet THE Sami Yusuf himself, get a copy of the Salaam album and also get some food/drinks as it is a hi-tea :) I think it is well worth the RM100 :) I have to thank Arteffects International for making all this possible too of course. I'm sure part of the reason Sami Yusuf chose to come to Malaysia was due to Arteffects :) So what are you waiting for? Call that number today and book your seats!!

3rd November 2012 (Saturday) at Royale Bintang Hotel, Damansara, 2pm! BE THERE!!!

I can't believe that in less than a month, Sami Yusuf will be here again! What I would give to meet him again :) Inshallah, if God wills, maybe we will :) I am sure the Salaam album will be something extremely special, as his all his other songs and albums :) I am so glad that it's going to finally be here.

Oh, before I forget, just a couple of hours ago, Sami Yusuf released a new music video! It's a song from the Salaam album called, "It's A Game". You MUST check it out! I think one of the reasons this song was released is because of the recent controversial film about Muslims. This song represents Sami Yusuf's view about controversies such as the recent one. He believes that the people who created these controversies just want to play a game, that they are trying to get certain reactions from the people they target for their own hidden agendas. His advice to the everyone affected by the recent controversy is to simply ignore it. There is no use in reacting with anger and violence - in the end, we only end up painting a negative image for ourselves and give those people (who created the controversy) what they want, which is our attention. Therefore, we should always remember not to overreact no matter how angry we get. Anyway, enough about that, let's watch the video!

Hope you'll like the video as much as I do! Love how cute the cartoon version of Sami Yusuf and his team are! Enjoy and don't forget to book your seat for the album launch! 


Follow him on twitter @SamiYusuf

Monday, 8 October 2012

Farhana: Go Makan? and Go Makan.com's favourite waitress contest!

Hi all!

As newly weds and a busy night class wife, I am always trying to juggle things between cooking meals at home, eating with my famil-IES, and after those tired 9 pm classes you just can't even be bothered to cook instant noodles, me and hubby will just go out for dinner.

We head to favourite haunts but sometimes we want to mash things up a bit or go for date nights :) and Go Makan website is THE best place to basically, check out where to go makan! I totally love the fact that you can search for restaurants under titles such as romantic, chill, after work, coffee hour and quick bite! Cool eh?? You can also check if the restaurant is Halal, Pork Free, Alcohol free, and check out some menus beforehand. Its a really handy website to book mark on your computer. They should have it as an app soon!

 Anyway, so far we have used Go Makan to check out The Red Beanbag, Serai Restaurant, and Fierce Curry House. I am thinking of going to Paper and Toast for our next attack! There is a yummy looking French Toast with Poached Pear that looks divine! -insert Homer Simpson Food gurgle-

Oh, soo goood...

Thinking about it, maybe our food writer Ad should hit Go Makan too! and write about it here! muahaha more yumminess in store for ad!

This post is part;y to let you know that right now, Go Makan.com is having a Favourite Waitress Contest! The winner gets two tickets to Japan! I've always wanted to go to Japan! So I have already voted and you should too! (My fave waitress has already gone through the next round!! fingers crossed! XX)  Its just for fun, and you might just win some wander lust excitement! SO check it out at Go Makan.com, NOW!


Go Makan is not paying me to do this post, all info in this blog is by writers' discretion.

till next time, 
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