Monday, 8 October 2012

Farhana: Go Makan? and Go's favourite waitress contest!

Hi all!

As newly weds and a busy night class wife, I am always trying to juggle things between cooking meals at home, eating with my famil-IES, and after those tired 9 pm classes you just can't even be bothered to cook instant noodles, me and hubby will just go out for dinner.

We head to favourite haunts but sometimes we want to mash things up a bit or go for date nights :) and Go Makan website is THE best place to basically, check out where to go makan! I totally love the fact that you can search for restaurants under titles such as romantic, chill, after work, coffee hour and quick bite! Cool eh?? You can also check if the restaurant is Halal, Pork Free, Alcohol free, and check out some menus beforehand. Its a really handy website to book mark on your computer. They should have it as an app soon!

 Anyway, so far we have used Go Makan to check out The Red Beanbag, Serai Restaurant, and Fierce Curry House. I am thinking of going to Paper and Toast for our next attack! There is a yummy looking French Toast with Poached Pear that looks divine! -insert Homer Simpson Food gurgle-

Oh, soo goood...

Thinking about it, maybe our food writer Ad should hit Go Makan too! and write about it here! muahaha more yumminess in store for ad!

This post is part;y to let you know that right now, Go is having a Favourite Waitress Contest! The winner gets two tickets to Japan! I've always wanted to go to Japan! So I have already voted and you should too! (My fave waitress has already gone through the next round!! fingers crossed! XX)  Its just for fun, and you might just win some wander lust excitement! SO check it out at Go, NOW!


Go Makan is not paying me to do this post, all info in this blog is by writers' discretion.

till next time, 

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