Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Far: Pashmina Tutorial! Easy with no underscarf!

Pashmina Hijab tutorial! Easy breezy but neat!

Salam! a quick post from moi! when I have the time I will post more stuff on my new life asap! hope you guys enjoy this post and my hijab tutorials!

Place your pashmina scarf as so.. it has to be pashmina. I dont use an underscarf but you can if you prefer. Secure with a brooch.

Then the long side over your head as usual..

And secure with another brooch, you can opt to use a big dangely brooch if you like!

Take the long side that you have just pinned and....

Flip it over!!!! ccrrrrraaazeh!

Then adjust to your liking.

and tada! final look!

Its a good look for classes. maybe not really for studying. Also looks pretty ok with glasses and days out! enjoy!

love Far

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