Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Ad: Food Experiment: Home Made Teh Tarik Ice Cream

Hey all, so so sorry for being away for so long. You know how it is, everyone's been crazy busy with Ramadan, and then Eid (and you know in Malaysia we celebrate for like an entire month!) and of course our dear Farhana just got married (a post will be coming right up - promise!) - so yes, it has been very busy!

Annnyyway, so a while ago I mentioned that I was working on something, but wasn't sure if it was going to work? Well the thing I was trying to make was teh tarik (milk tea) ice cream! I had this crazy idea when Far said to me "OMG Ad! I tried to make ice cream at home and it worked!!" and so she was telling me all about it, even gave me a link to the youtube video. I was craving for teh tarik and I figured, hey, why not make teh tarik ice cream!! I was so so excited! Two of my favourite things in one!

This was the Youtube video that Far gave me:

You basically need cream, milk, sugar, and whatever ingredient you want your ice cream to taste like, and also a blender! So if you wanted strawberry ice cream, then you add strawberries; if you wanted chocolate, you can substitute milk with chocolate milk and also add chocolate bars I suppose! So I figured I'd add in teh tarik. So I rounded up the ingredients and also had to make teh tarik for the first time (the teh tarik turned out fine thank god). 

Here's what I did:

I mixed some of these:

with the teh tarik I made (sorry, no photo!) and put them into a blender and then blended everything together. I decided to leave out the milk because It would've been too watery and the teh tarik already had milk anyway! When everything was well blended, I put the mixture in a container and popped it into the freezer overnight. You cannot imagine my excitement! The next morning I woke up and went straight for the freezer, took out the container and saw this:

So I took a spoon and put a little bit in my mouth, and let's just say it was a BIG FAILURE. It did not taste like teh tarik because the cream had floated while it was in the freezer, so the cream and the teh tarik separated (boo!). It did not taste good let me tell you that :( Then I remembered Far's tip about trying to put it in the blender to get a more ice-cream like texture. I tried, with hope in my heart.

That didn't work either :( Oh well. I'm sad to say that my teh tarik ice cream experiment was indeed a failure, but at least now you know and won't attempt to do what I did! If any of you are willing to try using a different method and ingredient, do share with me in the comments! Thanks for reading everyone!

Much love,

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