Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Victoria's Secret Accessories @ One Utama

Hey guys!

If you've been following our blog, you'll know that my usual subject covers arts & crafts and not shopping or retail. Well, let me just say that I feel like I have to reviews the new VS Store since there isn't a single review I can find online! They say necessity is the mother of invention right? Well here's living proof of it.

Firstly, I have been so excited for the opening of this store for months now. I can assure you a hundred percent that so many Malaysian women are happy to know that there is another VS store in Malaysia besides the one in KLIA. Driving to the aiport is never fun, and I wouldn't do it just for a single bottle of lotion. So here at One Utama, you can finally sniff, touch and luxuriate your senses in their beauty products, all first hand~

VS Fantasies

First off, the products. I'm not quite sure, but I do think you can find the same items here as in the store in KLIA- body mists, perfumes, lotions and body butter, all from the VS Fantasies collection; VS totes, travel essentials like luggage and toiletry bags, purses and clutches; accessories like bangles and sunnies, some make up and a small selection of panties, mostly from the PINK collection.

Next, the setting and personnel. The look of the store is gorgeous; it;s brightly lit with lots of black & pink accents, and the main highlight is the huge digital screen made up of smaller screens next to the counter that shows you clips from VS photo shoots and runway shows ^^ Their staff are friendly and welcoming, with black mesh totes to help carry your purchases... they don't hesitate to let you test every single scent there is on the shelf! When me and my friends came back for a second time, they even remembered us and the stuff we bought ;)

So you might be asking by now, what did we buy? So two main stuff were bought- underwear and beauty products. As of now, VS is having a buy 5 for RM 150 promotion for their cotton underwear (RM 40+ per pair), and buy 3 for RM 125 for their gorgeous undies (RM 50 or RM 55 per pair). As for the body mists, they retail at RM 53 per bottle (250 ml) and the set of 4 lotions retails at RM 60+ (they were about 60 ml each as it was the travel set).

VS Bombshell.. their best-selling fragrance

All in all we were really happy with this first experience at the VS Store in One Utama. Since this is only their second day opening, we've got more to find out at their store and more future promotions to look out for! :D If there was any downside, I would say that they don't have a gift packaging service like in other beauty or accessories stores. So for those who are interested to experience the sights, sounds and scents of Victoria's Secret, head on down to One Utama, First floor at the New Wing (across Delicious cafe). 

Hopefully we will see more new products arrive and not forgetting that much-awaited time of the year... Merdeka Sale! Have fun at the new VS guys!

My bags of VS goodies~



  1. I get my VS body mist online..Some blog-shops are selling them for 45 minus shipping,but I guess it depends on the US exchange rate aswell..

  2. Yeah, I've seen many blogshops selling VS body mists cheaper too.. its just that I've doubted some sellers cuz I know there are knock-offs of the body mist, so Im pretty excited that we can experience VS first hand here ^^

  3. Nice write-up on the VS article. By the way, I'm a reseller selling VS bought directly from USA. I will be doing a Stock Clearance sales soon.

    Please check out my facebook page for more information - www.facebook/myPixibelle

    Thank you.

  4. Do they sell Bath & Body Works products there? Or do you know anywhere that does in Malaysia? Thank you.


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