Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Aiysha and Far : Make your own burger buns! and MASSIVE YB burgerz

Hellos! Aiysha has been baking crazy again! and just look at the awesome photos of her home made burger buns! yum.. Just think of all the preservatives they choc up supermarket burger buns in order for it to stay fluffy and last for  weeks. Have a hand and making your own to really impress your guest this eid/ raya!

Make your own burger buns!

For the recipe click here!

Check out this massive burger I had for dinner yesterday, AHMAIGADS! A friend had taken the trouble to get this for us:) Its from Shah Alam and its called 'resepi YB burger'. That is one KG OF MEAT YALL! Sedap gilo. You can choose your own filling, bread and what meat you prefer and they have quite an extensive range! go ahead and google it up and order one for birthdays and events or just for fun like we did:)

                                      That my friends, is a cake box, a cake box I tell ya!!

Check out my fiance's hand next to the burger, and he has long fingers.. i dunno, i just didnt know how to emphasize the hugeness that is YB Burger.

Our burger had pepper sauce, mustard and mayo! with green apple slices and FIVE slices of cheese. I swear the meat was as thick as 5 iphones stacked.


Far and aiysha


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