Sunday, 5 August 2012

Far: Hijab Wedding trials!!

Salam and hello all!

I have been having my hand at a lot of other things besides hijab, mostly food and craft related.... this is probably because I have been quite lazy and find that a good pashmina and the easy style suits me well:) check out my new favorite styles here. BUT I know how many of our readers luuurrvvee hijab styles! so here you go!

these pics are from my trial nikah make up and hijab :)

The red hijab was the perfect length and size but is red and wont go with my all white dress. The white hijab is a more suitable color however the size is too big, that's why girls you must always give yourself a trial run :)


My friend Dina does my hijab and make up! she was also responsible for my engagement makeup and hijab:) please check her website out!

ps: my dad doesn't like my diamond headband so that is out. How disappointing.

see you girls soon!

xoxo: far

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