Thursday, 21 June 2012

3 easy fast hijab tutorials!!

Down here are three super easy and fast tutorials that need only one brooch. !!! seriously just one. and no inner/ bonnet too! you can wear them if you want because you feel more secure that way? but i haven't had much trouble with these styles, but the secret lies in the pashmina. I long cooling pashmina or the kind with a stretch to it is best! THIS WONT WORK WITH those flimsy cotton ones, or anything flimsy, because you need the weight for it to stay in place.

as usual, refer to my many pics for the tutorials

look one done! Kinda duh-obvious. Im sure all of you know this look anyways, its a handy standby:)

Look two complete! i like this style for school because it's out of my face! And its still pretty trendy la kan.. boleh lah.. its really good for windy days. We don't get much of that in KL, but I remember bad hijab days in Melbourne, so windy.

This is the super fast hana tajima whateveryouwannacallit- maybe khaleji look.

I just added these two pics, of the second look in a different scarf so you can see the folds better. HEHE, all my friends and family will testify that this is my new hijab look:)

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!



  1. Wow. You're so beautiful. Will you marry me?

  2. haha too late. she is already engaged, to be married to someone else :P but i'm sure she's flattered

  3. wow!nice hijab so amazing i like it!pls show more!

  4. I don't think so that this blog is for proposing marriage. Anyway, she explained very well and it's lovely to get her tutorial. I would like to say "She is really beautiful"

  5. SubhanAllah!Beautiful!


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