Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hijabi Wedding Dress Inspiration

Salam and hello all!

I know what you girls do on blogs, I know because I am one of you guys. I know you like to skip over the words and stare at pretty pictures on display... prettyy... don't deny it, I know you do.

So as a treat I have compiled many a pictures for you! ALL THESE DRESSES CAN BE MADE SUITABLE FOR HIJABIS. Just use yr creativity and imagination! have fun drooling!

I like this darker lace bit on one side

check out the veil and that head band!

Cane be made kebaya like too! with such pretty detailing! look at that bow!

Satin skirt and bow? nuff said

Sleek and sophisticated with cool detailing at shoulders and sleeves

my nikah dress will look something like this long kebaya top!

A- line skirt of heavier bottomed girls?

oh so wow

I love the sleekness of this dress!!

The Boho bride

some hollywood inspiration

sweet cute and minimalist details

Also inlove with this silhouette, fitting on top with pretty belt and flowy all the way down

For the long legged perhaps?

Thats all from me! all these images are from my pintrest! follow me, FreshSkinFreak, for links!

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