Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ramadhan Iftar special!: SEA fizz mocktail - cordial and mocktail recipe


Whatcha guys think of this pretty drink!

I am not here to test your iman! but this is really a fun way to impress your family for iftar or any other day or just as a treat for your friends as a gift! because this recipe is on making the cordial as well as a the mocktail:)

Inspired by Haneesa's Thai cooler (Wayy more delicious in my opinion, maybe she should post the recipe up), this is made with the best of south east asia, this happy drink will soothe and hydrate your bodies after a day of fasting. I hope you guys will enjoy this recipe!

Mint to cool the body down

Some delicious aromatics to uplift body and soul!

                                        Cucumbers for hydration and cooling yet again..

Add sugar lastly and stir until melts

SEA fizz mocktail syrup!

1 cup water
2 cups Sugar
4-5 stalks of lemon grass (cleaned, the whitish bulbs will do)
1 thai lime (limau purut) failing which lime will do 
3 screw pine or pandan leaves 
1/2 a medium sized cucumber
1 tablespoon citric acid


let water and cucumber slices simmer for 3 minutes

cut, and bruise the other ingredients in order for their oils to activate!

allow to simmer for ten minutes or so

add sugar and boil for one minute or until the sugar melts

add citric acid and stir until melts (this is to prolong the life of the syrup and add acidity)

and you are done!

SEA fizz Mocktail

add two tablespoon or any amount desired of the syrup.
top up with some club soda
add ice, fresh cucumber slices, and a few pomegranate jewels.
and a squeeze of more lime if desired!

you can always admit the cucumber slices and pomegranate jewels and just add a sprig of mint:)

this keeps in the fridge for 3-6 months maybe longer!

out of the fridge is prolly 1.5 months:)



  1. Will try the recipe..is the citric acid necessary?

  2. Hi alison! no there is no need for citric acid, it will not last as long but kept in the fridge it shouldnt be a problem:) you might want to add a squeeze of lemon juice for a tangy taste instead:)

    ps: for those who want to know, ou can get citric acid at the baking section


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