Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jello Cookies! by Aiysha and Farhana

Hello there!

After a long hiatus here is a super easy cookie recipe that is sure to impress! They are so fail proof that even Farhana can do it! Go ahead and give it a try!

You can find a full list of how to do it here!

Enjoy some pretty pictures :)

It is really simple! the red cookies are strawberry, green is made from banana cream jello pudding, brown is butterscotch pudding and the yellow one is mango made from nona's crystal jelly instant powder. Basically you can use any brand and flavour you like! It was super fun to make!

jell-O is kosher and hence safe for muslims, however if you feel uncertain or prefer a local brand, please go ahead and use them because it will turn out just as great!

we also halved the sugar than what the recipe above had suggested. it came out yummy! so I recommend this!

This is fail proof because any size and thickness was cooked evenly even though they were all just crammed together.

until next time!

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