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Ad: Food Review - Wondermama @ Bangsar Village, Jalan Telawi 1

Hey everyone! How are ya'll doing? Guess who's back with a food review? haha me, of course! The subject of today's review is Wondermama, a relatively new restaurant (they opened less than a year ago if I'm not mistaken). Wondermama is a fusion restaurant; it takes Western favourites and gives them an Asian twist, and adds Western flavours to typical Asian dishes. Not everyone is a fan of fusion food but hey, I think everyone should have an open mind and give it a shot. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the one-of-a-kind taste.

For this post, I'm going to be reviewing my two dining experiences here so that I can comment on more food and hopefully provide you readers with a better idea of what it's like to dine here. Are you ready? Let's kick start this review with the location. It's strategically located at Bangsar Village and is literally the first restaurant you'll see as you turn into Jalan Telawi 1. Whether or not you are familiar with the Bangsar area, finding this restaurant should not be a problem. It's opposite HSBC and Chawan restaurant, and next to Plan B. It used to be where Outback Steakhouse was located. If you aren't used to coming to Bangsar, let me just warn you the traffic here can be quite frustrating because there are always so many cars driving in and out of the area. Don't even get me started on the parking. It's almost impossible to get a parking spot on the streets (unless you're lucky) but you should be able to find a place to park at Bangsar Village's carpark. It comes with a price though, RM3 per hour. It's steep but if you're just going there to eat, I think it's worth avoiding the hassle. There's also an indoor car park located opposite the mosque and under the Bangsar Medan Selera. I think it should also be under the Bangsar Village management because if it's full, you can cross over to Bangsar Village's car park without exiting. This car park charges RM1 per hour, but sometimes can be full.

Moving on, let's talk about the exterior of Wondermama. I love it. It's unique but simple. It's colourful but not overwhelming as it is toned down by a lot of wood, which gives it a welcoming and homely feel. There are a few chalkboards at the entrance with cute drawings and writings on them - I totally dig them. The restaurant takes up two levels but I have yet to explore the upstairs. There are a lot of clear glass panes so you can see the interior from outside. I like it because it attracts your attention a lot of attention without trying too hard. There's also an outdoor dining area which looks appealing.

As for the interior - I absolutely love it too. They simply know how to play with colours. There are a lot of wooden materials on the inside too. The furniture are made of wood with bits of metals. They make use of old furniture and modify them a little to give them a modern twist. I think it's so clever how they mix and match the old and the new. The only thing that I think they can improve on interior-wise, is the chairs. They're not bad, just not very comfortable. The restaurant is rather dim, but in a good way. It gives off a more warm and homely ambiance.

The selection of desserts you see when you first walk in

Wondermama has quite an extensive menu. They offer burgers, sandwiches, noodles, rice and pasta, among others. Take a look at them yourself! The prices for the food are quite reasonable. On average, a main dish costs around RM15-RM25. Usually the more expensive ones use expensive ingredients, like the fried rice with soft-shelled crabs for example. To name some unique dishes, Wondermama offers creamy butter chicken burger, salted egg salad, black spider fried rice (the one with soft-shelled crabs) and style spaghetti, which comes with otak-otak, squid and crispy beef bacon. There are fun drinks on the menu, too but the drinks here are rather pricey. Drinks are priced, on average, at around RM8.

After spending some time staring at the menu and drooling over all the cool stuff they offer (which happened on both visits by the way lol), we finally ordered. On our first visit, we had the D&L nyonya laksa, style spaghetti, kampung style fried rice and D&L nyonya mee siam. The laksa was delicious. The broth was flavourful and had a kick. It wasn't too spicy, but wasn't exactly mild either - it was just right. The portion was generous too. The kampung style fried rice was completely drool-worthy. I am usually afraid to order fried rice because a lot of places serve bland fried rice and leave me disappointed; however, this was the complete opposite. It was one of the best fried rice I've ever tasted. The style spaghetti was OK. I guess I was expecting to be completely mind-blowned because of the description. As I mentioned, it was served with otak-otak, crispy beef bacon and squid. It was definitely not bad, it just did not have enough flavour. The sauce was what let me down. The mee siam was superb. Everything in it just went so well together. It was a little spicy but sweet at the same time. I loved it, especially the crispy chicken that came with it - fantastic! The only fun drink that we ordered was the three-layer bandung. It was to die for, but not something you should have on a regular basis because there's so much sugar in it. It wasn't too sweet though somehow. 
D&L Nyonya Laksa

Kampung Style Fried Rice
Style Spaghetti
Mee Siam - before the sauce/broth was poured in
3 Layer Bandung

For dessert, we were spoilt for choice. There were local and western desserts - and we love both haha. We went with the durian crepe and the cendol. The durian crepe was amazing. It was served in a container typically used in Malaysia as a container to put cooking oil in. It came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with crispy cereal, more specifically cornflakes. The cornflakes added a wonderful touch to the dessert and the durian taste was strong, but in a good way. Not sure if real durian was used, but it sure tasted authentic. The cendol was just alright. Nothing special but still tasty.

Durian Crepe

The staff were friendly and the service was relatively fast. They didn't keep us waiting for long. Overall, we had a very pleasant first dining experience. It definitely made us feel satisfied and made us crave for more, which brings us to our second visit. 

The second time around, we sat at one of their long tables. There weren't too many people by then because when we arrived it was close to 9.30pm. We ordered the creamy butter chicken burger, beef burger with additional beef bacon and mustard mayo toppings, style spaghetti, beef nachos and nasi lemak 2.0. After we placed our orders, we were surprised with a plate of nyonya kuih, on the house. We were really happy haha. 

Before long, our orders started to arrive. The creamy butter chicken burger was awesome! Everything about it just screamed yummy! The meat was cooked perfectly so it was juicy and moist instead of dry. The creamy butter sauce was so good but oh so sinful. The beef burger had a smokey flavour to it. In my opinion it wasn't as good as the creamy chicken burger but it could still hold its own. The beef was tender but I felt perhaps it could use a little more seasoning. The mustard and bacon complemented the burger really well. We were also given choices of sauce to go with the burger, which were served in four separate containers that were connected to one another. I just love the hipster vibe of this place. The burgers were served with a side of yee sang salad because when we were dining, it was during the Chinese New Year celebrations. If you don't know, customarily the Lunar new year celebrations lasts 15 days. The yee sang salad was quite delicious. I liked the dressing, but some of the leaves of the salad were a little bitter for my taste. I loved the presentation, but it made eating a little bit more challenging haha. I don't mind, but just so you know, things can get messy!

The beef nachos were so scrumptious. The nachos were incredibly crispy (very important! no one likes stale nachos), the minced beef was seasoned well and tasted yummy on its own - it was also a little bit spicy, and as for the sauce, let's just say that it's the star of this dish. The sauce just enhanced the flavours of the entire dish and took this dish to a whole new level. We were impressed by the nasi lemak, too. We could subtly taste the coconut milk when eating the rice and the sambal, which to me is the most important element, was really good. It was sambal petai cooked with squid. Definitely approved by the entire family. It came with the same crispy fried chicken that was served with the mee siam, crispy ikan bilis (anchovies), an whole boiled egg and cucumber slices. The typical nasi lemak affair but with amazing bonuses. The portion was huge so if you are not hungry, make sure you either share it with someone, or be prepared to take some home with you. 

Nyonya kuih. We just couldn't wait to dig in. They were super yummy
Creamy Chicken Burger. Look at its greatness.
A photo with flash on so you can actually see what's between the buns haha
Style spaghetti
Beef Nachos. I wish I could buy the sauce in a bottle
The containers for the condiments (for the burgers)
Beef burger with bacon and mustard on top
Just look at that!
Nasi Lemak 2.0. Go on, shed a tear for its beauty. I won't judge. hahah
The super useful box for cutlery, salt&pepper, tissue papers and the table number

We had the durian crepe again for dessert because my brother hadn't tried it yet. It was as yummy as I remembered (and believe me, I'm not always a big fan of durian). I love this place. Definitely a cool place to hang out with friends and family. Good food, great company, wonderful ambiance and quick service. A place that makes me smile. I liked that the staff came to check on us while we were eating, and also after, to see if the food was ok. They were also quick at clearing your table when you've finished your meal. All in all, my whole family and I love dining here. Wondermama will definitely see more of us in the near future. What do you think of the food, the place and the pictures? Do share your thoughts in the comments section and don't forget to follow our blog! I apologise if this review has made you drool uncontrollably haha. Til next time!


Verdict: 4.5/5

Check out their facebook here.
Business hours: Monday - Sunday, 8.30am - 10.30pm

Lina: Review; Modbox (December 2012)

Hey, loves!
You may be thinking why am I reviewing this so late? Well I can say there were a lot of things going on in the past few months and I totally forgot to get this box from Joanna (fellow blogger buddy)! I used her address for delivery because I was worried I wouldn't be around when this was being shipped out. But hey, better late than never? :)

Okay let's go!

I was really excited for this because this would be my first ever beauty box! I won it from Joanna's blog contest. She did a giveaway on Modbox. Thanks babe! :) Don't you just love the rush of ripping of the parcel, opening the box and tadaaaaaaaa beauty products are there waiting for you to try 'em out! December's box is actually Modbox first ever box! :)

 I like the colour theme; purple. Lovely colour!

Since it was December, the month of Christmas and holidays, lovely Christmas elements decorated the box. The mini santa hat is so cute! Very nice :) I felt like it was a Christmas present!

This definitely puts a smile on my face. A personal welcome card, hand-written by the team. Thank you Modbox for the warm welcome :)

These are the first things I see when I open the box; a product guide, Juice Beauty RM20 Cash Voucher, RM100 Himalaya AyurSlim voucher worth RM118.

There are 6 items in the box; 2 hair care products, 2 skin care products, and 2 makeup products.
Let's see what they're all about!

Diamond The Prestige BB Cream by Skin79 (RM33.90/15g)
-Get that great dewy look with a slight diamond shimmer finish. This triple-function BB cream gives you medium to full coverage, complete with UV protection, whitening, and moisturising effects.

Honey & Cream Body Wash by Himalaya (RM22.90/400ml)
-Bring out that soft and supple skin. This herbal formulation, with the nourishment of cream and honey, helps to rejuvenate, moisturise and soothe skin. 

Anti Hair Fall Shampoo by Himalaya (RM24.90/400ml)
-Go on a journey of healthier hair with this breakthrough formula, free from parabens, silicone, and SLES. This shampoo nourishes roots & strengthens weakened hair to reduce hair fall due to breakage.

Glossy Kiss by LuView (RM36.90/3g x 2)
-Dazzle up those lips with this dual colour lip gloss! Whether it's sweet pink or rosy pink, this easy-to-glide lip gloss with moisture-boosting vitamin E is bound to deliver the perfect shine.

Green Apple Peel (Sensitive) by Juice Beauty (RM195/50ml)
-Bask in the luxury of a brighter, glowing complexion with this best-selling, patented at-home peel. It exfoliates and refines to even out skin tone, leaving your skin feeling completely soft and silky.

Nutrient Moisturizer by Juice Beauty (RM185/50ml)
-A night-time moisturiser that just works. This nutrient-rich formula hydrates and replenishes to keep your skin well-nourished and richly moisturised without leaving you feeling greasy.

I've spoken to other beauty box fans and read that many claimed Modbox is by far the cheapest beauty box in Malaysia. I think that lately Malaysians are spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty box, ya? I feel that if you're the type that loves to try out new products but don't want to buy in the original size, then beauty box is for you. It gives you just the right amount of sample to see if the products work well with you.

Only RM19 per month!! However, the monthly subscription only accepts credit cards which is a downer for me as I don't own one. But for the 3, 6, and 12-month subscription accepts debit card! So yay :)

I'm satisfied and happy with the products so far. I've always wanted to try Juice Beauty last time but as you can tell, the price is expensive, but thanks to Modbox, I finally get the chance to try it out. The LuView's lipgloss was in full size, so that's a plus point! I've yet to try these products and will do a review for each, soon :)

Product satisfaction: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5
Price: $
Will I resubscribe? YES! 

My rating guide:
1/5: poor
2/5: fair
3/5: average
4/5: good
5/5: excellent
$: budget
$$: mid-range
$$$: splurge

Check out their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK page for more information! :)

What is your favourite beauty box?


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Happy Chap Goh Meh!

Hey dear readers!

Just want to wish you all a very happy Chap Goh Meh and although we're a lil late, may you all have a prosperous Happy Chinese New Year! So sorry for the late wish, we were so caught up with open houses and celebrations! Chap Goh Meh is the lantern festival (not to be confused with the Mid-Autumn Festival though!) which marks the end of CNY celebrations :) Hope all of you had a wonderful time with loved ones and enjoyed your holidays!

The CNY decor at Pavilion KL :)

Much love,
The Awesome Project Team

Photos courtesy of Ad :)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Far: Easy, Sweet Valentine Cards!

I thought I could get away with our previous post on ideas for valentine's day... but I just couldn't let this holiday of hearts pass by me without posting on something pretty! So I gathered my craft supplies and starting making cards!

heart craft puncher and washi tape is a must! and good cardstock. 

I got hold on an old bridal magazine (great for pinks!) and started punching my heart out! (pun intended) I was lucky enough to find in my big bag of craft that I actually have two different size craft punches! hurrah!

Now let your imagination fly! I taped one side with my pretty pink washi tape, and stuck these lil hearts to write out i <3 u. The piece of paper I was using had this purple water mark which i though was pretty so instead of cutting it out I just left it:)

With some leftovers I made a smaller, simpler one

This time I used the big heart punch and picked out sweet colours. I love bridal magazines!

And then.... I thought heck this is so fun lets make more!!

I love to make a whole bunch of little cards to keep when handy so that whenever you need one -think wedding wishes!!- its such a simple and pretty (and cheap!) way to add a personal touch to any gift!

I hope you guys are inspired and enjoyed this post!

Happy Valentine's Day!
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