Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Ad: Sami Yusuf Album Launch in Malaysia

Hey everyone! it's been a while :) Got some big news though! There will be more than one post tonight, that's for sure.

Ok ok, first and foremost, as you can see from the title of this post, Sami Yusuf will be back to grace Malaysia again with his presence! I am extremely excited and simply cannot wait! He's coming back here to officially launch his fourth album entitled "Salaam"! I (and pretty much every other Sami Yusuf supporter) have been waiting patiently (or we try anyway) for the Salaam album to be released ever since our dear brother announced it last April. Now, alhamdulillah, in less than a month the album will be released, and of all the places he could've chosen to officially launch the album, he chose to do so in Malaysia. I can't say it enough how extremely happy and honoured I feel! :)

Isn't it just exciting news?! That's not even the best part! You wanna know the best part about the album launch? It is together with a meet and greet session! This means his supporters get to share this special moment with him, God bless him :) The photo above has all the details, and if you're free, why not join the album launch? We get to meet THE Sami Yusuf himself, get a copy of the Salaam album and also get some food/drinks as it is a hi-tea :) I think it is well worth the RM100 :) I have to thank Arteffects International for making all this possible too of course. I'm sure part of the reason Sami Yusuf chose to come to Malaysia was due to Arteffects :) So what are you waiting for? Call that number today and book your seats!!

3rd November 2012 (Saturday) at Royale Bintang Hotel, Damansara, 2pm! BE THERE!!!

I can't believe that in less than a month, Sami Yusuf will be here again! What I would give to meet him again :) Inshallah, if God wills, maybe we will :) I am sure the Salaam album will be something extremely special, as his all his other songs and albums :) I am so glad that it's going to finally be here.

Oh, before I forget, just a couple of hours ago, Sami Yusuf released a new music video! It's a song from the Salaam album called, "It's A Game". You MUST check it out! I think one of the reasons this song was released is because of the recent controversial film about Muslims. This song represents Sami Yusuf's view about controversies such as the recent one. He believes that the people who created these controversies just want to play a game, that they are trying to get certain reactions from the people they target for their own hidden agendas. His advice to the everyone affected by the recent controversy is to simply ignore it. There is no use in reacting with anger and violence - in the end, we only end up painting a negative image for ourselves and give those people (who created the controversy) what they want, which is our attention. Therefore, we should always remember not to overreact no matter how angry we get. Anyway, enough about that, let's watch the video!

Hope you'll like the video as much as I do! Love how cute the cartoon version of Sami Yusuf and his team are! Enjoy and don't forget to book your seat for the album launch! 


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