Saturday, 17 November 2012

Haneesa: Kardashian Kollection Review

Hey gals!

So Lina has been talking and tweeting about the newest collection to hit  Dorothy Perkins Malaysia and as a treat to our readers, we are excited to present a mini review of the one and only Kardashian Kollection by the Kardashian sisters, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe~

Here is the collection at Dorothy Perkins One Utama, a small yet very Kardashian-y collection that focuses on office and party wear. Oh, not forgetting a few party accessories too, like clutches and purses.

The price range for each piece is different, but does not run from the usual DP price range. Dresses are priced at RM250+ while blazers start at RM300+. Bottoms (skinnies, skirts and leggings) are priced between RM200+ to RM 240+. And lastly, the itties bitties of collection (accessories) are priced between RM160+ to RM190+. As for sizes, all clothes range from sizes 6 (I think) to 16.

As you can see, there are lots of bold blazers and chiffon blouses in dark colors. They also feature big & bold leopard prints, something that is almost a Kardashian signature. And of course, there are LOTS of sparkly sequins on the dress and clutches, all in colors like black, gold and silver. As the sisters mostly wear shift dresses, it comes to no surprise that we see that mirrored in the Kardashian collection.

There you have it girls, the Kardashian Kollection in One Utama. Our verdict: The collection is pretty small, but maybe there are more things to look forward to in the future... 

So girls, tell us what you think about the collection and let's see what new celebrity collections will soon land on the shores of Malaysia.


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