Saturday, 24 September 2011

Haneesa: Scrumptious Lip Scrub

“There are three things a girl needs for her lips: lip balm, lip scrub and lip mask”

These were the words of Daniel, a superb promoter at Sephora, whom I and my friend Lina made friends with a few months ago. When we first heard it from him we were the two most surprised girls in that newly opened make up heaven. Honestly speaking, I only cover one out of three of those routines, and even then I only do it once in a while!

So I decided to help my newbie self and complete this routine. I think what Daniel said was important, especially because I have extra dry lips. I looked for online tutorials and found a lip mask tutorial here, but I found out that to scrub you to actually buy the product itself. Since a scrub is either hard to find or overpriced, I decided to try a DIY lip scrub. Guess what?

It works like magic!

All you do is glide the scrub over your upper and lower lips for one minute each, wipe off with a wet towel (remember not to eat the scrub ok!) and you will be left with lips like pillows… You can do this everyday if you think your lips are really dry, but from my own experience, once a week is enough. Remember that this is coming from someone who has dry lips and is fasting, so my lips are doing pretty good even with just a weekly routine.

So enough with the chit chat; here’s how you make your very own Scrumptious Lip Scrub…

1) Collect all items you need for the lip scrub. They are:
Small container
Petroleum jelly
Brown sugar
Olive oil
Lip balm

2) Clean your container. This should be small sized, about the size of a Tiger balm container or round lip balm container.

3) Measure the brown sugar by filling your empty container halfway. After this step, you can either continue in your container, or in a small bowl for more convenience.

4) Take a teaspoon of olive oil and mix it into your brown sugar. If possible use extra virgin olive oil; it has the best effect on your lips.

5) Take your lip balm and add in a small amount to your mixture. Take note that this step is optional. Lip balm is added so that your lips will have a hint of color after you use the lip scrub J

If you are using a lip balm in a tube, use a knife to cut off about 5mm of the balm. As for a lip balm in a container, scoop out about the same amount using a teaspoon.

6) Take a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and add it to your mixture.

7) Mix all ingredients gently with your teaspoon. Make sure you don’t crush the sugar too much!

8) The ingredients of your lip scrub should be well balanced by now. However, just remember to keep your mixture 2 parts sugar to 1 part petroleum jelly. Add the sugar bit by bit if you think your mixture has too much jelly.

9) Scoop all of your mixture into your container. Smoothen it out using the back of your teaspoon.

10) Leave it in the fridge overnight, and voila! You have your very own lip scrub. I must warn you that the smell is extremely tempting, so remember that it is not edible and must not be eaten at all.

Enjoy your Scrumptious Lip Scrub girls!

I combined a lip scrub recipes from a few YouTube users:
makeupmyworldx and xxnaivivxx


  1. i'll give it a try after i finish up my scrub! omg neesa, i didn't know that it just needed a minute on our lips! igtkan kena letak lama2, no wonder i've been having trouble to keep the scrub OUT of my mouth. ngee.

  2. OMG ama...same la! I'm soo glad you tried it :D haha. neesa gave me this scrub as a gift and it did not come with instructions (and i pun lupa nak tanya) so yeah, i had trouble keeping it out of my mouth too hahahha


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