Monday, 5 September 2011

Aiysha: Cornflake cookies! remember Raya is for a month ;)

Hi! I finally found the time to start on my first actual blog entry! This is suitable for those of you who are not used to baking yet. It’s uncomplicated and tasty too! I dunno why I never tried to do it sooner. In the spirit of Hari Raya, I asked my grandmother to teach me how to make her cornflakes treat. I’m not sure what the actual name is but I always referred to it as ‘kuih cornflake’. It’s all crispy and golden-y and definitely buttery.  So for those of you who are a bit health conscious, this treat is definitely NOT for you! It might offend you with the amount of butter it contains.

Things I needed for this recipe is:

A box of cornflakes (a big one if you’re greedy like me)

A block of butter

Icing sugar


Paper cups to put it in

Pot or pan

The first thing that needed to be done was to melt the butter over a stove.

When it was all fully melted, I added some icing sugar and honey. It’s up to you how much you wanna put it. My mom likes to complain that there’s too much sugar in WHATEVER I bake so I’ve already trained myself to reduce it whenever I can L.

Although I guess I could drizzle some honey a little bit later… hmm…

Anyway! What you should wait for is to let all the sugar and honey dissolve and you’ll get this liquid-y buttery, yumminess! I had to stir it constantly to check. Don’t worry if it’s a bit watery. It will harden when it cools down.

Later, just add in the amount of cornflakes you want (I practically used up the whole box. Hehe!) Make sure it coats the flakes. Leave none behind! The stove was turned off the minute the flakes turned all golden-y and shiny. Don’t wanna burn them before placing it in the oven right?

After that, I used a spoon to scoop it up and place it in the paper cups I mentioned earlier. It resembled an itty-bitty mountain when I was done J.

The oven was set to a temperature of 200-250ish Celsius and was baked for around 5 minutes or more. It had to be crispy in the end. The amount I made filled up an entire big container! So you’d have to make adjustments if wanna try and make less (but I dunno why you would make it any less because you’re gonna devour it before the week is over!)

Finally, I’d recommend that you go to your special place where you can sit there and eat your treats for hours. Mine is in front of the T.V.

See! Told you it was easy! Now, I’ll see you next time for my next entry. The next treat I’ll be making are chocolate fridge bars where you don’t even need an oven! Happy Trying and Selamat Hari Raya!

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