Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Far: Baby Shower! - Fairy Princess Theme


Last two weekends my sister and Aiysha threw me a baby shower! They wanted to keep it a surprise at first but alas broke down because they needed my help on some things:) I really didn't mind and was elated because I had something to do other than mull between thesis readings, groaning, watching tv and being a super lame excuse of a housewife. A few months ago I let slip to Aiysha that having a fairy theme party would be a cute idea for our next party bash - if you haven't noticed that we like theme parties, shame on you!- So both Aiysha and my sister set on making my baby shower a pink fairy bonanza! I'll stop writing now and let you oggle pictures.

My sister made the banner, but we had some trouble putting it up! the pretty paper flowers are dead easy to make, check them out.

Menu designed by Hubby who couldn't make it to the shower because of work:(

The invitation! designed and created by my sister and her friend!


Yummy drinks and fairy punch!
ofcourse it had to rain cats and dogs and elephants! but we made it through!

look-ee! presents!

this pretty picture was taken by either ad or nina's instagram!

this beautiful cake was made by our baker extraordinaire Aiysha!! Vanilla and strawberry layer cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing with edible flowers

the yummmy beef pie and chicken bruschetta were also made by Aiysha, yum!

Friends! poor lina couldn't make it because she fell ill:(

my lovely sister!!

et le bump!

Special thanks to my sister, aiysha and all my friends! for the fun, love, and prezzies. This baby and me loves you all! This little girl is definitely blessed with many great aunties!

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  1. awwww nice pictures! Sad I couldn't make it..:( But so happy to see everything was great!


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