Monday, 1 April 2013

Far: DIY paper daffodils- great for nurseries!

I have been making tons of these flowers, I can do them in my sleep. I'm making them for a party, hehe post will come up soon! but I'm going to make some for my baby's room. Just to brighten the room up, and you certainly can too. It is dead easy and cheap to make.

First you will need:

crepe or tissue paper- I found that cheap paper napkins from Giant works really well!
tape or wire

1. Cut three pieces of crepe paper or tissue each smaller than the other. individually fold them and cut jagged edges for two small ones, and a petal shape for the biggest piece. place them as the image above.

2. Start folding it like a paper fan and make sure that you can see the other two layers, they should be at the top like the picture. Find the middle and tape it! or secure with wire.

to secure further, twist wire.

3. Spread it out gently.

4. Start pulling the layers up, starting with the top layer first. Remember be gentle.

5. It should look something like this! You can stop now, but it won't look like a daffodil.

6. Cut in petals like so with scissors. Make sure your petals are even. No need to cut until base.

et voila! une daffodil!

I've bluetacked them to my wall for now:) you can make them in any colour and shape and after awhile you can make all sorts!

hope you like this post!


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