Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Lina: Review: Botanical Choice Deep Cleansing Peel-off Mask "Cucumber"

Hi everyone! How many of you like to use peel-off mask? I usually use mask sheets, and I figure I should start trying peel-off ones. I feel that my skin is dry and tight lately. I have no idea why because many of my facial products have been very good to me. Could it be hormones? *sigh*  So I chose Botanical  Choice Deep Cleaning Peel-off Mask "Cucumber"
I like natural ingredients so I hoped this would work. I know cucumbers are some of the best natural ingredients to moisturize your skin. This mask claimed to peel away impurities and dead skin cells, as well as moisturize and unclog skin.
Just in case if you're allergic to some ingredients, you can read this below..
The mask is in soft green. When I touched it, it was cool and not warm, perhaps due to the cucumber extract!
Firstly, I cleansed my face. Then, I applied the mask evenly all over my face and left it on for about 15 minutes. The mask was really cooling and calming. It felt like an ocean breeze just past through me. haha. 
After 15 minutes, it dried off and it was time to peel it. 
Reminder: Don't pull. Peel it gently, bit by bit if you have to. 
This  is the peeled mask!

My review of the mask:

1) Skin feels softer and more smooth. After I cleansed my face and before putting on the mask, my skin felt tight and dry. But after putting on this mask, my skin felt less tight.

2) Feels refreshed, I believe due to the cucumber extract. When I touched my cheeks, it felt cool! 

3) Skin is moisturized for a few days, but after that my skin got a little bit of that tight feeling, but not as bad as before. I guess this must be worn once a week to get long-term results.

4) Application is easy, don't need to use a mask brush. You can use your fingers. It doesn't get messy too. 

Anyway, this is a good mask for a quick glow and softer skin. For example if you're having a party in a few days, this can be in your to-do list.

Price: RM 4.72 for one sachet

You can get these in all major drugstores.

Packaging: 3/5 
Product satisfaction : 3/5
Price : $
Will I buy again? : YES

Rating Guide
1/5 : Poor
2/5 : Fair
3/5 :Average 
4/5 : Good
5/5 : Excellent
$ :Budget
$$ : Mid-range
$$$ : Splurge 


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