Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Belated Women's Day! and for my baby

Women's day was on 8 March 2013, and I am sorry we missed posting about it! I already had this post in mind and had written in out in the wee early hours of the day, but ALAS! no internet. This post is very special and dear to me, I hope you will take this time, this post, this day to appreciate all the important women in your life. Celebrating all the wonderful women I know and beyond!

I'd like to take this day to celebrate the woman my baby will be one day inshallah. Mama loves you so much, and as you are growing inside me and getting stronger by the day, I pray that you will grow to be a wonderful woman just like the wonderful women I grew up with and you will too. I pray that you will be as strong and clever and beautiful like your grandma, whose wisdom and strength have never ceased to amaze me and have molded me into the woman I am. I pray that Allah will give you AuntTi's resourcefulness and heart, so that you will be as successful n caring as she. I hope that you will also be like your Tok Mum whose energy, thoughtfulness and generosity will take you anywhere you want to go. May Allah bless you like he has Aunty Haneesa,so that you will always be sweet and kind and that you will always remember the important things in life. I imagine you to be bubbly and excited for life as your Aunty Lina and Aunty Syuhada are, may you be brave, confident and fun as they are at the same time just as wise. I pray that you are smart like your Aunty ad and breeze through school with flying colours n make me proud. i hope you grow up charming like your Aunty Nina so that you are always confident and liked by everyone around you; and resilient like Aunty Emma. I hope that one day you will have a friend like Aunty Aiysha has been to me, and together you will teach each other loyalty and friendship. i hope u will be just as lucky as me, so that u are always surrounded by good friends. I want to support u, love u, teach u, nurture u, and give u all that I can. I hope that Allah will bless me with the knowledge and strength to do so.

Last but not least, and I will break a rule here, I pray to Allah that you will grow up to be like your daddy. Whose kindness, patience, brilliance and sweetness is already within u now and I can feel it radiating in my heart. I love you sayang, and mama can't wait to be a better mother so that I can deserve such a wonderful you.


  1. Awwww Far, this is so sweet!! If baby nak party, call Aunty Lina! hahah

    1. Ehem ehem...apa party party ni? grrrr...

      But beautiful post, Sayang. Made me shed a tear. Our baby is already loved by so many people, even before she's out. We're blessed to have so many wonderful women our baby can look up to, especially you :)

  2. Your post is heartwarming. Thank you for finding the time to honour women, especially the mothers.


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