Monday, 19 December 2011

Lina: My Everyday Products

Hello my darlings! Finally, a proper blog post from me! Here I would like to share with you the products that I use everyday and which are also my favourites, of course! These products give me the natural look and flawless baby!

Prep + Foundation + Concealer

 *Top left to bottom*

1)This is definitely A MUST for me after I put on my moisturizer. I realise that moisturizer only helps me to soften and hydrates my skin, but does not help my makeup to stay on for long hours,especially since I have oily skin. So my makeup fades easily if I do not use a primer. My favourite primer is Sephora's Smoothing & Mattifying Primer. This primer prevents my face from becoming oily or greasy!! So my makeup stays on for a whole day! AWESOME!

2) I like to use liquid foundation mainly at night. But if I have really awful acne during the day (you know when), then I will dab on some liquid foundation to have full coverage. I've tried many types of liquid foundation throughout the years and most of them are too thick or heavy (my face would start to sweat) but oh my gosh, I feel like MaxFactor is a gift from up above! Max Factor introduced its awesome-est liquid foundation ever (I think about few months back), MaxFactor's Experience Weightless Foundation! It's TOTALLY weightless, and it feels as though Im not wearing any liquid foundation at all! I really don't feel it, but it's there, making my face looking flawless!! If Im not mistaken, we don't have MaxFactor stores in Malaysia, but we do have their counters in Metrojaya. If you're looking for a liquid foundation right now, just get this one. No questions asked! :)
-Im using Dark Gypsum 80.

3) I've been using this concealer for so many years. It's been my friend for a really long time: Maybelline's Angelfit Perfect Concealer. It covers up any of my blemishes, dark spots, and dark under-eye circles really well! I like to use a concealer brush instead of my fingers because I tend to be so harsh with my face if I use my fingers. I don't want any form of fine lines or wrinkles to appear due to my 'aggresiveness', so I need to use brushes.
-Im using Natural Beige 02.

4) I can't leave my house without wearing this: Bare Minerals Foundation. It is by far the best powder foundation to me. It gives me that smooth and flawless coverage, without any clumping or caking my face later on. I know some powder foundation cakes your face but this one doesn't, regardless of your skin type. It's weightless and feels like you're not wearing any makeup at all, yet giving you the best coverage! And the best thing is that you only need to use just a little bit to have that full coverage. Saves your money and time too! After that, sometimes I put on Bare Minerals Mineral Veil to set my make up, especially if I have any liquid foundation on, to have that matte look.
-Im using Medium Beige.


1) My favourite blusher is Elianto Touch On Blusher. Some blushers that I used last time did not stay on after a few hours and I don't know why I tend to forget to bring my blusher in my makeup pouch. This one stays on a for long hours! hooray! Sadly I always have problems with the sponge, mine just won't come out properly so when I put it on my face, I cannot see the blusher! So what I have to do is to take off the sponge, and use a blush brush, VOILA! :)
-Im using Tea Rose 02.

Eye Makeup

*Top to bottom

1) I have super oily/greasy eyelids, so an eyeshadow primer is important to me! Before putting any sorts of eye makeup, I put on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion so my eyeshadow and eyeliner don't crease at all! Really, this eyeshadow primer helps my eye makeup to stay for a really really really long time! REALLY!! :)

2) I have no idea why I can't use pencil eyeliner for my upper eyelids. I need to work on it! Hands tend to shake. :( Im a fan of pen eyeliners, it works great for me and I apply it better! My hands don't shake if I use pen eyeliner! Weird, I know. Oh well, whatever works well for you, just go for it! I love this Maybelline HyperSharp Liner. It's so 'thin' and sharp, 0.05mm baby! It gives you the precision you want! Perfect for those who love face art too!

3) As for lower eyelids, it's definitely best to use pencil eyeliner. I like to use MaxFactor Kohl Pencil in Black. It's good for those who have watery eyes, like me, it won't fade away eventhough your eyes get watery later!

4) Another MaxFactor superb invention: MaxFactor's False Lash Effect Mascara. Oh.My.Gosh. It gives you double the size of your lashes!! It voluminizes, thickens, everything! It's waterproof too! So if you feel like you're tired of putting on falsies, give yourself a break, and try this incredible mascara!! I've recommended this to many of my friends and family, and none of them are disappointed with it! :)

5) Before mascara, don't forget to curl your lashes. My favourite pick is Shu Uemura's Eye Lach Curler. It's one of the best lash curlers in the world. It curls just so perfectly, and you only need to curl one time!

1) Im a huge fan of pink tones when it comes to lip items! Most of my lipstick collection are of pink shades. My fav lipliner is from Stage in Pretty Peony 03. It is soft pink with a hint of peach. 

2) Next up is my number one pink lipstick: NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours in PARIS. It is super pink, like Barbie pink!! The best pink shade I have in my collection is this! 

3) Lastly, to have that glossy look and sexier looking lips, I like to dab on a little bit of gloss. I use NYX Lip Gloss in PEACH. You can see that it's almost empty already, shows that I really LOVE IT! The colour is just perfect and goes so well with any of my pink lipsticks!

So there you go, my favourite products that I use everyday! Next post will be a makeup tutorial video, using all of the products mentioned above :)


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