Saturday, 17 December 2011

Emma: Something's up my sleeves

Hello awesome chicas! guess what? Emma's back!
i'm terribly sorry for the long hiatus. i've been very much occupied with assignments, debate, and final exam. Now that i'm done with ALL that, i have so many to share with all of you!

first, i'm in the midst of trying this particular aerobics routine. it's quite intense but definitely do-able. if you're up for it, you can definitely perform it too! instead of posting a dance routine, i thought of posting an exercise routine that can be done in a large group. the more, the merrier. and you'll have lots and lots of fun too!

but here's the catch, i'm not gonna post this particular video yet :). give me some time to try it out before finally deciding to upload it. we, the writers, might wanna give it a shot first. woohooo!!

also, as part of my segment, i will also be sharing my knowledge and information on various topics like self-esteem, relationships, parenting (not that i have any experience in it), and the list goes on. these are just some of the info i've obtained through research. since i have them in my tiny brain, why not share it with all of you. that way we can all learn together right?

so, stay tuned to our blog for more info! and keep checking it out for the video that you might anticipate :)

yours truly,

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