Monday, 26 December 2011

Haneesa: The Michelle Phan Experience..

Hey guys J

So this is gonna be a really short post on a small, but sweet experience of mine. It's not going to be on something crafty or DIY - it's actually a beauty related post, which is actually Lina's specialty.. Check her out at this link ;)

Anyway, I’m actually a big Michelle Phan fan, and a few nights ago she had an impromptu live chat session with her fans for a whole hour.
Lucky for me, I had been leaving her website lingering on my browser so when I refreshed it again at about 1 am she had just posted this:

And it was only an hour away - No way was I gonna miss this!

So I stayed on, and when I finally got to the chat, it was mayhem! There was this non-stop clicking noise indicating a new message and I immediately started posting my question. I think I asked three times before, to my absolute surprise and delight….

she answered me.

My question...

...and her answer!

I’m happy beyond words, seriously! If I may never be able to see her in life, this opportunity was just awesome enough for me! >.< I think there were like 20 questions going at her at once, so she could only answer a one or two in one go..
And yes, I  know it's a pretty simple answer, but like I said before it's a small but special experience ;P

Imagine how crazy I would be if I actually met her o__o

So, besides that, I thought I should share some other tips that I found helpful too like

Nevertheless, there were all those doubters who were all like "Is this the real Michelle?" or "I think this is just her representative".. well to you guys I say: PFFFT! She sure sounded like Michelle! Plus there were many personal questions about her too like which games or food she liked. So there you go. Seriously, you guys should’ve gotten answered by her. You would’ve gone nuts. J

And that's it, my short and sweet experience. If you had the same conversation that night or have some other beauty tips you've learnt from her, just leave a comment below~ 
Take care guys!


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