Saturday, 17 December 2011

Far: Four different ways to wear the jumpsuit with hijab

Salam girls!

I have been wanting to do this post, but haven't gotten round to take artsy awesome pictures of my outfits, and I still havent!! but Im hoping you girls wont mind seeing my plain old pics, hehe, at least you can get some tips and ideas for inspiration so as to not shy away from this trend.

All of the pics below sported this jumpsuit from Valley Girl.
I bought one in black and one neutral khaki color as shown below:

As you can see, its really form fitting on top, and really sexy. Our job is to unsexify it without cutting out on style!

First look:

Here I wore a black jumpsuit, and gave it some kind of definition with two thin belts. The pink belt is actually a long beaded necklace! if you have a short waist like me, opt for thing delicate belts, if you have a long torso go ahead and rock a thick belt!

Wearing a belt underneath your jacket or cardi adds dimension without showing off too much of your curves.

My pink lacey "jacket" is from old blossom box. Check her wonderful things here.

Second look:

You can even wear a jumpsuit for work! if you wear it as pants!Here I wore a vintage printed shirt with a loose vest for some shape.

Third look:

Please excuse the horrible self cam whore picture. But this is my favorite look with the jumpsuit. With a long printed cardi, it covers most of your curves and is a fun enough piece to wear as a statement. Im also wearing a long pendant chain to draw the eye downwards for a slimmer look. It also subtly adds a little something to the bare middle.

My hijab style was fashioned out of two hijabs and a belt that came with the cardi.

Last look!

This I must admit lends all of its style factor to the gorgeous matador style bolero. This one is also a vintage piece from melbourne and was a great steal! most of the ALL of my outer layers in this post were bought at vintage stores, markets and bazaars. So please scout around your area for great one of a kind pieces!

Breaking it down:

1) break a simple jumpsuit with belts (thin belts for curvy girls, thick for skinny) and long pendant necklaces. You can wear beaded necklaces if you have a slim upper body.

2) play around with lots of jackets, cardis. Both plain solids and prints are great to keep and go with jumpsuits, maxi dresses and lots of other things!

3) Don't look at the jumpsuit as something that is only reserved for special events! you can always dress it up or down for a casual day. Be Brave and play lots of dress up!

hope to see you girls soon!


Penny for your thoughts :)

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