Thursday, 26 January 2012

Lina: Review: SimplySiti Makeup Remover & TopShop Eye Brightener

Hi everyone!
This is a video of me reviewing two of my favourite items this month: SimplySiti Makeup Remover and TopShop Eye Brightener.

SimplySiti Makeup Remover
I really love this thing! Some makeup remover I used in the past irritates my skin especially my undereyes, but this one doesn't! It's very gentle, suitable for sensitive skin, and bonus points is that it contains natural stuff! It doesn't irritate my skin, doesn't cause any acne. It removes my makeup really well definitely! I really REALLY love it! To me all SimplySiti products have been amazing!!

TopShop Eye Brightener
This is my first eye brightener! I use this after my foundation and concealer, before I put on powder. This is suitable for those with really really dark eye circles. I feel that this is a bonus for me after I put on concealer, but if you feel that concealer is just good enough for you, then good! :) Well if you're curious if this really works or not, can use the tester available at TopShop, duh. To me it works well, I can see the difference. My undereyes are covered better :)  



  1. I feel like getting the eye brightener. Can I replace concealer with that?

  2. Hi Jo! If you feel like your concealer still doesn't conceal your dark circles, then I suggest you to buy the eye brightener. You can use it before or after concealer. :)


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