Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Far: my engagement Hijab

Hello ladies! I just want to share with you some pics of my hijab and make up done for my engagement recently :). I love the style, all my friends said it was very "me". hehe. Both hijab and make up was done by Dina Rahim from Seri Ermessa. Please check her out! You'll be drooling in ten seconds at her work. I wont talk much, so please scroll down for more pics!

me n my hantaran ladies.. :) 

I love this pic n I love you! pretty girl in blue!

view from the side

I know you can't see very well of anything, the hijab details and stuff, but this post was just teaser/intro/sort of. More pics ill be available to me in a few weeks time, and I will definitely share with you!

I would also like to thank my wonderful friends and cousins who helped me in the preparation and on the day itself. I love you guys very much. :,) I also love you Farhan Hafetz!

ps: I will share a post with you some tips I learned about my engagement soon!


  1. Love the hijab u look so pretty

  2. Thank you Imani!loving your blog too!

  3. U look so pretty! Congratulation Far!!

  4. i love you too!
    love from the girl in blue..

  5. can you give me tutorial for this one? need it ASAP , maybe you can contact me through mail ( thanks a bunch.


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