Sunday, 27 November 2011

Haneesa: Blog Promo for 'Le Beau Monde'

Hi guys!

Today I won't be posting a tutorial or any DIY projects, but I will be introducing to you a friend of mine :) who runs an awesome blog shop called 

Le Beau Monde 
or as I like to call it
my accessories heaven *_* 

Rozana Razali (or more famously known as Zana) is a course mate of mine, and not only is she super nice and soft spoken, she is also the owner of this adorable shop which has tons of amazing accessories & beauty products. Honestly speaking, her blog shop is pretty unique.. and this is coming from a person who browses blog shops, like, 5 hours a day ok. (yes, I can get pretty carried away)

Screen prints of ♥

Her blog has so many different accessories to choose from which will make you go nuts, especially if you are into Korean fashion.
I'm going to let you in a small secret; I once found a picture of ring that I really wanted but was so hard to find so I requested it from Zana, and guess what? She got it for me! I really didn't mind paying for it more, but I was given the normal price which, let me tell you, is pretty cheap. This also brings me to another best selling point about her shop. 

All the accessories are super affordable.

I've seen some shops selling the same accessories for like, five times the price. Let me ask you: why should you pay more for the exact same item? All I know is I'm in for the best deals in town. Plus, I'm super satisfied with the stuff I've bought. So far I have three rings and a necklace, and I have this one ring that people always compliment me on :) Here's a photo of it:

My ring is the one on the far right. A white rose on a pink bow is just too adorable to resist >.<

Hold on. I just remembered, I got a pair of earrings and an owl ring from her too. LOL. I can't keep track anymore. All of our friends know about her shop and its about the only place we go for Korean accessories. 

So...if you are looking for an alternative website for accessories, beauty products and even some pretty clothes, you must visit Like I mentioned, its got a super massive amount of stuff you can choose from with the best prices. Before I sign off, let me show you the stuff I'm eyeing for at the moment...

You can also visit her facebook page here ♥ 
Aren't the pink and light blue rings absolutely gorgeous? *_*
Have fun shopping guys! Don't forget to like her on Facebook too!

All images on this post are credited to the Zana'z website

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