Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Far: Hijab tutorial! Neat Arab ghutra look! Great with glasses too!


Salam ladies! Here's another tutorial for you girls:)

Note: this look is short and it does not cover the chest. I'm wearing a top with with a sort of add on vest that already covers the chest. So keep in mind that this style has to be worn with a loose top or vest that covers the chest.

This is also good for girls who wear glasses and hate the fact that the sides of their hijab stick out. I am wearing big frame glasses and no worries here!

Ok, here we go!

 As usual one side long and one side short.

Take the two sides like so, don't forget to slightly fold it in.

Bring it to the side and pin!

The other side!

Take the long side...

Bring it under the shorter side...

and around to the other side and hide under the fold. Pin to secure!

Tada! Easy peasy! Hope you girls love it! If you have any request, please feel free to comment! And I will come up with something, if you have any questions or style tips let us know!

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