Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Haneesa Z.
Speciality in Arts and Crafts

What started out as a simple interest in paper mache volcanoes turned into a love for all forms of crafty projects; From card-making to crochet, arts and crafts has always tickled my fancy and my interest just keeps growing year after year. There’s always a new project I want to try out! Whether I’ve seen it from YouTube or simply a gentle inspiration from Mother Nature, my yearning is always met as I am allowed a spectrum of craft supplies around KL, all because of the rise of interest in DIY projects.

In this blog, my collection of button pins will be showcased through the other demonstrations, namely the Hijab Tutorial section.. So keep an eye out! Drop an email or comment if you see something nice, unique, or something you simply must, must have! Who knows? You might be the delighted owner of these handmade treasures one day ;)

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