Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bachelorette Party!

So... recently an army of alien spaceships and 7 foot zombies have simultaneously attacked all six of the blog writer's towns thus forcing their communities into a state of emergency. All connections have been lost therefore all of the writers had no internet access to update this blog and were caught in their basements fearing for their lives....................................

:( That short piece of creative writing is the only form of apology I can offer for our absence. The real reason, of course, is much boring than that.

BUT.... one very, very exciting event did occur recently, thanks to our mastermind party planner Lina ;) On the 12th of May we had our first official Bachelorette Party for our to-be bride... Farhana! The whole event was most definitely the most memorable for us group of friends- everything was gorgeous; the layout, food, decor, games, doorgifts, memorabilia and of course, us! There's nothing I would've changed about that night... my girls never fail to have a good time ;) The only wish I have was that our Syuhada could have been there too...

Since I thought the setting was uh-mazing, I thought I could share with you photos just to give ideas and get some creative juices flowing for your own party ;) We have pre-party pictures and the finished layout, so you guys can have an idea of how the entire preparation process went....
So... enough with the chit chat, I now proudly present to you, Far's Bachelorette Party ;)

The view from our apartment

Party goodies

Halfway done....

Memorabilia masks <3


Photo area for endless camwhoring

VOILA! The finished design

Our beautiful party planner Lina. Congrats on the killer decor babe! xx

To see more than 30 extra photos of the bachelorette party, check out the slideshow below :) There are also extra pictures of the games we played *wink wink*

Thanks to Aiysha, Nina and Adlina for helping with the decor
Photos courtesy of Nina and Adlina :)



  1. hahahaha! Nice post! Amboi laguuuu :)

  2. Oh no! this brings tears to my eyes again!! I have the bestest friends ever in the world!! yes everyone else, totally be jealous of me, you should ;) I had the bestest time ever!!!! and it was really a blast! thank you again to all my friends and special shout out to haneesa who took time out from her alien bomb shelter to have a quick write up:) love you all!

    and to our readers, I will be back with a vengeance, plenty of blog ideas coming your way!

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