Monday, 19 March 2012

Farhana: Dian Pelangi Haul!!!!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

So sorry for the long absence! I have been busy with masters and I have so many blogging ideas but just havent the time. However, here is an exclusive sneak peak into my recent shopping haul:) Dian Pelangi, young, beautiful and talented designer from Indonesia now has a new boutique right here in KL! The soft launch was just last week, so its pretty brand new. Located in Bangsar's chic shopping hub, you wont be able to miss it girls. Ok less words more pics!

Before you guys read on, I would like to clarify that the items below are a combination of my mother, my sister and yours truly's purchases:

hehehe too excited!

Special tudungs created by Dian Pelangi, One side long, one short. No need for any inner! just wrap the long side however you like!


Down below is a rather special one, I have seen this design before but its been really hard to find! Some people call it the Qatar Hijab. I am not to sure about that though!

It works like a hood!

This is a normal square scarf, but it soooo beautiful.

I wanted to wear these pieces and model them for you, but I just havent got the time yet, but no matter! I am sure you dont mind, hehehe


  1. SubhanaAllah :) Cantik

  2. askum, blh tak sy tahu kat mana ada jual dian pelangi online.. plss :(

  3. Dear Effy Majlan, salam, boleh google dian pelangi online shop facebook :)


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